Interview: Jahmiel On His Upcoming Album ‘Nirvana,’ Africa And His Current State Of Mind

At the heart of Jahmiel‘s sound is a philosophy rooted in positivity and love, a reflection of the Jamaican artist’s own life principles. “My thing is, every action have a reaction..I always choose things that have a positive outcome,” he told DancehallMag during an evening interview.

Leaning forward in a chair placed in his driveway, Jahmiel exuded positive energy as he spoke. “From a tender age I just always choose love, choose good over evil and that guides my music, as an individual, everybody know me as a humble and peaceful… and that’s what my music displays. I’m basically being myself, mi nuh have to try be positive, that’s just me,” he said. 

Since his breakthrough hit Gain The World in 2015, Jahmiel has continued to deliver music that uplifts and inspires with expressions of life, truth, and reality, including powerful tracks like U Me Luv (2017), Strongest Solider (2017), Live Without Limit (2018), A Better Tomorrow (2018), and his latest Real People.

He’s produced two albums since then, Great Man (2019) and Legend (2022), and is poised to take listeners on a journey reflective of his personal growth and spiritual enlightenment with his third, Nirvana, set for release in March 2024. The title, drawing from the Buddhist concept of liberation, signals Jahmiel’s current state of mind—one of self-discovery and detachment from material concerns.

Jahmiel (Photo by Ian Allen)

“I’m definitely in a state of enlightenment and as I’m on this journey learning more about self….in different stages of my life, like me fi do a body of work and display what I’m going through. So my albums always tell a story so right now the next project is Nirvana…,” he said. 

Central to Jahmiel’s message is the belief in love as a universal religion, transcending the divisions wrought by differing beliefs and perspectives. “I’m at a point where love is my religion, yeah, cause at the end of the day enuh is one energy and we are all apart of that energy so you cant make your thoughts and how you think of life differentiate you from another,” he noted.

“I see people as my self you know wah me a say, the different ideas wah we share nuh fi make we a war but you know, just as how me respect you, you fi respect me and yeah, a love a the answer at the end of the day you know wah me a say, religion is only division, a one love…”

Jahmiel said his music is greatly influenced by the works of Reggae veterans like Buju Banton and Sizzla, and the music of the ’90s in Jamaica. “Mi listen a lot of those music and that kind of influence me also. I think my reason for gravitating towards that kind of music is how I am as a person, the frequency match my frequency, so this represents me,” he said. 

Jahmiel (Photo by Ian Allen)

When asked how he stays grounded, he responded: “Having a open mind and listening to others, and even look pan some of the reactions weh come from some a mi actions. None a we nuh perfect, so staying grounded for me is just staying humble and open minded. That is it for me!”

Beyond the Caribbean, Jahmiel’s music has found a home in Europe and Africa, where he feels a deep connection to the people and their appreciation for his work. After performing for a crowd of almost 30,000 in Accra, Ghana at the Bhim concert last December, Jahmiel will headline the Sweet Music Festival in May, the Nigeria Festival in June, and a European Tour this summer.

“Africa is home, definitely feels like home, like the love is real…the appreciation in Africa is always one to remember, the people and the love they have for my music, there’s just this connection,” he said. “But at the end of the day enuh as a Jamaican, you have to remember a Africa we come from.  So when you get the chance to go back home, the love is there and Africa definitely feels like home.”

“The fan base in Africa, definitely motivate me and inspire me in a positive way to continue do what I’m doing because the people need the music. I remember going to Africa for the first time and fans reaching out letting me know that my music save them. So Yeah Man is a wonderful feeling, overwhelming feeling when it come to Jahmiel and Africa.”

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