Interview: Aneesa Badshaw Talks Mentorship From Pamputtae, Dancehall Collabs And More

Recording artist Aneesa Badshaw might have been born and raised in Canada, but she’s pretty in tune with Jamaican music. She teamed up with Dancehall artist Pamputtae on the track Gymnastic, which she says has given her six year old career a push.

“I originally had another artist on the song and decided to find another person for a better fit,” Aneesa Badshaw told DancehallMag. “I actually met Pamputtae because of social media. It was honestly an amazing experience; Pamputtae really takes her career serious. [She’s] very hardworking working and inspiring. She has been a good mentor to me as well.”

Gymnastic was jointly produced by Blaqksheep Music, Badshaw Records and Smokeshop  Studios. The official music video premiered on YouTube on October 12, 2023, and has gained over 356,000 views.

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Aneesa was brought up in Toronto and Mississauga. She says she has been paying keen attention to boosting her career over the last three years. Admittedly, the artist said she has faced some challenges that she has had to find her way around.

“My biggest challenge is having to deal with people that are sometimes not serious about business, and get distracted by their needs. I cope with this by standing my ground and keeping it real with people,” she said.

The entertainer has also collaborated with deejay Savage Savo on Whine Up Pon Mi, which was released on December 28, 2023.

She described him as having “amazing energy and vibes.”

Aneesa however says she’s keeping her fingers crossed about collaborating with Vybz Kartel

 “He is the ‘King of Dancehall.’ He’s been making hits after hits, even though he’s not out from jail. Aside from that, he is so talented,” the singer, who is also a verified herbalist, reasoned.

The singer is currently busy completing an album. She is also on the cusp of launching a clothing line. Despite a saturated Reggae/Dancehall industry, Aneesa believes that she has characteristics which separates her from other entertainers.

“I personally think I’m unique because my style and sound is very different compared to a lot of artists. I love to fuse different styles together. I also dabble a lot in other fields in the entertainment aspect,” she told DancehallMag.

In the coming years, she sees herself as multifaceted in other fields that she’s equally passionate about.

“I’d love to travel the world [and] hopefully have a farm where I could harvest my own fruits and vegetables and herbs. It would [also] be nice to also have an animal sanctuary where animals could feel at peace.  I would also love to take care of the sick and bring them back to life with the healing herbs,” Aneesa said.

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