How Admiral Tibet Stays In Shape At Age 63

Veteran Reggae artist Admiral Tibet is 63 and still rocking a six-pack!

The Leave People Business Alone singer, who caught the ladies’ attention when he shed his jacket during his electrifying performance at the Peter Tosh 79th birthday celebrations in Belmont Westmoreland over the weekend, told DancehallMag in a subsequent interview that he has put much effort into maintaining his physique and that diet and exercise have been essential parts of his wellness regimen.

“I try to live clean and pure.  Stay away from bad mind, grudge.  I try to eat right,” he said.

“I try to do my exercise everyday; mostly push-up and then I have some pull-ups thing deh you know, and some exercise  to keep the abs, because you know, when you get to a certain age… So I don’t really want that you know.  So I do abs exercises to keep my abs flat,” Admiral, who turns 63 in November, explained further.

Admiral Tibet in performance at Peter Tosh’s 79th Birthday Celebrations – Photos by Claudia Gardner

The importance of artists keeping in shape has been the subject of discussion, especially since the pandemic.   

In August 2021, Elephant Man cautioned upcoming Dancehall artists to eat well and keep physically fit, to keep pace with grueling tours and performances.

The Signal Di Plane artist had pointed out that his high-energy performances have always reaped rewards for him.  According to him,  Dancehall fans are always expecting that artists will come with their A-Game to the stage, for which a high level of fitness is critical.

Elephant Man had said that during the 1990s, when he was touring extensively and gracing stages at massive concerts across the United States, his natural stamina enabled him to command the stages and give his audiences spectacular performances, without having to go to the gym or pay attention to his diet unlike nowadays, where as an older man, he has to pay more attention to health and nutrition.

Elephant Man. Courtesy: Instagram/@elephantmanjamaica

However, Elephant had noted then that his performances, which included acrobatics and would see him at times climbing to the top of the trusses to sing, would have been even more explosive if he had been aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“Caw dem time deh, wi jus a live, an wi jus eat some likkle waste ting and guh fast food.. wi neva used to drink whole heap a water serious and natural juice and ting deh  serious.  Bare sweets and ray…,” the Nuh Linga artist had explained.

“Wi haffi teck wi health serious – every artiste,” he had added.

A month later, Another Level artist Cham espoused the importance of keeping fit.  

The Calabar High School old boy had cautioned new Dancehall artistes to undertake physical training like elite athletes to keep their fitness levels up.

According to Cham, as a young artist, he would religiously train on the beach as a track star or footballer would, every single morning to ensure he was in top form, as he knew his stage performances would either make or break him, as it was just as critical as voicing in the studio.

Cham, a former national junior footballer, Cham posted a throwback video on Instagram of himself performing at a stage show in his early 20s and gave some sound advice for delivering strong performances and preventing exhaustion and ultimately embarrassment.

“‘To all new artiste’ you have to train like an elite level athlete in order to deliver your songs at the highest level… I would run the sands at bull bay (9 mile) every morning to get myself ready for tours and concerts!!” he had written.

“Take my advice… hard work the key to success!!” he had warned.

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