Future Fambo Shares Health Update After Fans Question Weight Loss

Dancehall artist Future Fambo has disclosed that he’s dealing with severe diabetes, explaining his noticeable weight loss.

On a recent Instagram video, where the artist promoted his availability for dubplates, some fans questioned Fambo’s appearance. On Friday, he sought to clear the air. 

“Nothing happened to me I have suger [sugar—the Jamaican term for diabetes] diabetes…for all who care about me am ok,” he wrote in a brief statement posted to his Instagram page.

He also dispelled rumors that any form of hard drug abuse was what resulted in the weight loss. 

“They say I am coke out.  In cause I die, one someone I know going to be at my [funeral] is me…no me dead?,” he asked lightheartedly. “I know I lost nuff pound, an it may look a way but no boy are [or] gal in Brazil can not [say] me beg them nothing so who cares?“ he added.

Rapid or unexplainable weight loss is popular among patience with Type 2 diabetes, although it more commonly occurs in those battling Type 1. For the latter, this occurs since they cannot use the sugar they eat for energy. In this case, the pancreas doesn’t make insulin, and sugar is removed from the body during urination.

It has been a rough couple of months for the Rum & Redbull deejay who lost his 85-year-old mother, who also suffered from diabetes and had lost a leg.

Producer ‘Skatta’ Burrell was among those who shared kind words and suggestions.

“Bro juss cut off the alcohol and link @trueloyal10 mek him fix tings,” he suggested.

Checks made to that page indicate that the owner specializes in herbal treatments that several entertainers seem to take part in.

“Please go easy on the drinking. You can reverse this if you do the right things. Sending you healing energy fam,” a fan said.

“Take care of your health…health is wealth,” another said.

“Don’t watch bad mind sickness is not an easy road praying for speedy recovery May God continue to bless and keep you,” said another concerned supporter.

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