Funk Flex Challenges Dancehall Rivals Teejay, Byron Messia To Collaborative Track

DJ Funkmaster Flex of New York City’s Hot 97 has thrown down the gauntlet to Dancehall artists Teejay and Byron Messia amid their ongoing feud.

The radio host has challenged the pair to bury the hatchet and collaborate on a new track by Thursday at 7 PM on Hot 97. In an Instagram post on Sunday (November 5), Flex tagged the artists, their management, and record labels and asked, “Do you guys accept the music challenge? Yes or no?”

Messia and Teejay’s hit tracks, Talibans and Drift, have both been receiving significant radio airplay in the United States, peaking at No. 16 and No. 47, respectively, on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. Amid this crossover success, their public feud began when Messia took a shot at Teejay in a post to his ‘Close Friends’ on Instagram.

This led to Teejay releasing the diss track Warning and Messia countering with Collision, each loaded with personal jabs and insults. The beef escalated as Teejay accused Messia of being a bitter fan, revealing messages from 2018 where Messia reached out to collaborate. Messia retorted by posting a video of Teejay praising Talibans, suggesting there’s mutual fandom underneath the feud. It continued with Teejay’s Unwanted Child, but Messia has since maintained radio silence.

Whether Teejay and Byron will accept the challenge remains to be seen, but Flex’s post has so far sparked mixed reactions.

One commenter doubted the possibility of a collaboration due to the vicious nature of the beef. “Flex, this beef is passed a collab point but you never know. Teejay doesn’t need him to make a hit he’s been doing that, Byron just got here & we’re all a bit confused about what & who he really reppin for with these shaky comments he been making,” they wrote.

Flex dismissed the beef, emphasizing the resurgence of Reggae music and the need to progress the culture. “All of that don’t matter! Reggae music is back strong! Let’s move the culture forward!” he replied.

Another skeptic accused Flex of exploiting the situation for his own gain, but he reiterated his commitment to moving the music forward.

“Lol mans don’t even know how this started and he trying capitalize off the situation. Go back to dropping bombs and playing on blood 50 times a night,” the commenter wrote.

Flex replied: “None of my business! Move the culture forward!”

Reggae icon Barrington Levy weighed in, supporting the idea of a musical clash as a showcase of talent and creativity reminiscent of Dancehall’s competitive essence.

“A mean its a competitive sport and its also a way to display skills and creativity, as long as its just lyrical war….. this is #dancehall how do you think some of the greats become great 😊 #music mon RUN DI TRAAAAAAACK🔥🔥🔥” Levy wrote.

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