Fully Bad Gets Support After Apologising For Role In Sting Fracas With Honormosity

Three of Fully Bad’s Dancehall compatriots have given their support following his apology for his involvement in a fracas at Sting 2023 on Boxing Day, which saw both the deejay and his colleague Honormosity being charged by the police with disorderly conduct.

Among them was his mentor, producer Skatta Burrell, Dancehall dancer Keiva di Diva and Montego Bay deejay Tall Up, who are of the view that the We Naw Smile Again artist is a humble young man, who made a grave error during the event, which saw him squaring off with Honormosity during a lyrical clash with fellow artiste Kyodi. In his apology, among other things, a contrite Fully Bad had hailed his two opponents as good artists but insisted that Honormosity ought not to have been on the stage in the first place.

Fully Bad and Honormosity, Sting 2023.

Keiva, an acclaimed dancer who dominated the Dancehall space in the early 2000s with moves such as Online, and stood out as the sole female among a plethora of male dancers, including the late Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy, in empathizing with Fully Bad, said that she believes all three artists are musical giants in the making.

“Happy I hear fully bad side.  I believe every single word he said, bad bomboclath artist! Not just now, humble youth. I believe in you fully bad, sting 2024.  One thing wid me, me know star, when me see dem, love how him big up the other artists,” Keiva, who has appeared in a record 100-plus music videos for entertainers such as Elephant Man, Voicemail, Mavado and Mr Lexx, noted on Instagram.

“My first time seeing Kyodi perform and I love his stage performance, him understand the Sting assignment, outfit, walk on and so, seen Honormosity perform 1 time at Sting last year and he shell it, so big up to all 3 artists, fully bad I see him perform all the time so I know him lyrically sick… me say me did ah enjoy the war yuh f-ck, the man dem deal wid the stage like ah years dem ah war over Sting, nuh body nuh tell me nuhnuh the man dem dweet,” she said.

Keiva, while commending the trio for being courageous enough to enter a lyrical battle at the make-or-break event, noted that artists ought to bear in mind that they should expect the unexpected at a show like Sting, based on the event’s antecedents.

“I was so enjoying the clash. I love Sting now and forever, that’s my show.  I care zero, yuh cau be nuh war artist if yuh nuh prove yuh self over Sting.   Also Sting is the show that you of to look out for things you didn’t even plan for.  However, in the time we are living in, it’s not wise to run up on people stage, even tho that’s Sting back den, but the new generation not getting the meaning of Sting,” she stated further.

“To be honest back then a man will run up on your set, and all you of to do is defend it lyrically, but as I said, it’s not everyone going to allow you to walk up on dem, it can be a dangerous outcome,” she continued.

Keiva also had some recommendations for the December 2024 staging of the event.

“Next year if your not book please think before run up, cause the new generation is different, thank you, big up every bad and brave artist who grace the Sting stage, I need to see clash next year till the end not fight.  @reggaesting for life, the greatest one night Reggaeee show on planet,” she declared.

For her part, Tallup came out in defense of Fully Bad, concurring that on a personal level, the deejay was among the humblest in the business and the badness persona, was just a guise to ensure he survives in the industry.

“Fully bad is intelligent an humble n been working hard I don’t care wah nobody seh a fi him time an him fight fi reach where he is continue an I pray he gets his rightful space an grow to become a giant,” the Waistline deejay noted, to which Skatta replied in agreement: “FACTS🙌”.

“Ye man look deep within an u c seh him heart clean.  Nuh watch the outside.  He has to be like that to protect himself but deep within him ave a very good soul an jus wah mek it out a the struggle like everybody else.  He’s fighting to hold on to what him got nobody nuh need glass fi c that he’s very respectful an humble an mi pray him stay the same way an nuh mek nobody mek him change,” she added.

She also said that the artists ought not to be castigated too much as many of their predecessors had done the same, and were given less of a hard time.

“Get use to them a fi them time now ppl been a put in work so a jus the time fi them shine.  Give them a chance u never jus know bout kartel só or nobody else who’s big now they walk the same journey nobody nuh know them until them get a chance,” she told some harsh critics of the deejays.

Aside from the support from the music industry insiders, there were some Dancehall fans who jeered the artistes, not only for their onstage antics, but their modes of dress.

“Leng never know how to end the show after a flap event so he paid them to mash it up ! Every man in a cape like super heroes… Foolish mind think alike see how them dress similar,” gspot_locator said while another jeered: “Who are these artist? First me a hear of them? 😂😂mi just see 2 maaga man in a Halloween costume fall off the stage”.

Another commenter said that the presence of MC Nuffy who usually plays the role of referee during Sting clashes, would have helped to prevent the melee.

“See why MC Nuffy well missing cz him would a deh in between the two dj them to rass,” she stated.

Still, another blamed Supreme Promotion’s Isiah Laing and his team for what transpired at Jamworld on Wednesday morning.

“What was honormosity doing on stage when fullybad was supposed to clash kyodi, poor management from the organizers, better mi did hear fully and kyodi fight,” the commenter said.

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