Fully Bad Announces 2024 Tour Of Canada

In the aftermath of his Sting showdown which ended in a brawl with fellow artiste Honormosity, and being cited for disorderly conduct by the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Dancehall artist Fully Bad has announced that he will be undertaking a 10-city tour of Canada.

The news has been met with glee by his fellow artist Demarco, with whom the We Naw Smile Again artiste had initially been touted to clash at Sting 2023.

After Fully Bad made the post on Saturday, Demarco sent him a slew of fire icons and added” ROAD!” to which Fully Bad replied: “Greatness mi Gad”.

Some of Fully’s fans cheered him along, among them one woman who noted: “God & time.  Keep doing good ute a ur time now💯 every clock a say it‼️” To this statement Fully Bad replied: “Believe🙌.”

One commenter said that the rewards Fully Bad was receiving was an indication that the mileage artistes got from entering clashes or being disruptive at Sting, cannot be denied.

“The powers and benefits of fighting and clashing at sting … Malie Dan and Pablo becomes stars bcuz of sting,” he said.

Fully Bad’s Canadian tour begins on March 30 in Toronto, followed by Oshawa on the 31st.  He will then move on to Montreal on April 5th, then Hamilton, and London on the 6th and 7th respectively, and then a performance ion Barre on April 9th.

After a 10-day break, he will resume with performances in Calgary on April 19, and then two shows in Edmonton on the 20th and 21st, Winnipeg on April 26th, before ending the tour in on April 27th in Sault Marie.

As for Demarco vas Fully Bad lyrical feud, it had sizzled and later fizzled, after the Fallen Soldiers artist was notably absent from the Sting line-up which was announced by Supreme Promotions.

In November, Fully Bad had called on Demarco to settle their lyrical feud on the ‘battlefield’ at Sting stage, this after both artists began trading lyrical barbs for two weeks in a row.

At the time, Fully Bad had said the feud began after he made a post on Instagram stating that 90 percent of Dancehall artists fear him and the other 10 are his friends, to which Demarco replied “throwing shades,” according to The Star.

“So everybody started tagging me under his post and because I was heated at the moment, mi seh mi go fix him like how him want war,”  Fully Bad had said, noting that he had received additional encouragement from his followers to ‘start the war’ despite Demarco’s reluctance,” according to The Star.

The two artists, according to the tabloid, caught the attention of Sting promoter, Isaiah Laing, who had told the publication that he was “open and ready for a clean and violence-free clash”.

Fully Bad has been a longtime clash artiste, who according to The Star tabloid, was a participant in Popcaan’s Unruly Clash series for undiscovered talent a few years ago, and was “a strong contender for a deal”.  However, the Manchester native had opted to align himself with Foota Hype Music (FHM), a relationship which ended some time after.

In January 2021, Fully Bad was involved in an Instagram feud with Popcaan, which resulted after Unruly Camp associate Petro called Fully a ‘fish’ in the comments on an Instagram Live that was being conducted by Quada.

A seemingly irritated Fully Bad had responded: “A yuh boss a fish, none a unu nuh unruly,” referring to Popcaan.

After Fully went on to demand that Popcaan “control yuh Rugrats dem”, in an Instagram post, he had released the diss track Another Duppy.

Fully, with the urgings of Foota Hype, had subsequently released another diss track titled Nuh Unruly, aimed directly at Popcaan and his Unruly Camp, in furtherance of the Instagram squabble.

In the lyrics of that song, Fully had described the Unruly Camp as a set of cartoon characters and said that Popcaan was on the receiving end of a $3 million (nearly $20,000 USD) monthly shakedown from his former mentor Vybz Kartel, noting “extortion from who mi nuh grow as no punk, Poppy haffi run three mill pon Worl’ boss every month”.

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