DJ Roddy Calls Out School For Allowing Valiant To Sing Raunchy Songs For Students

A viral video of Dunce Cheque artist Valiant performing his raunchy Mad Out and Siance songs for students of the Rollington Town Primary School in Kingston on the grounds of the institution has resulted in one shocked radio disc jockey demanding an apology from the school’s principal.

The incident took place during popular YouTuber and Dancehall pundit Jaii Frais’ concert which followed his $2 million donation to the school approximately two weeks ago. 

However, it only came up for discussion on Bridge FM yesterday, where broadcaster DJ Roddy expressed chagrin that Valiant, Pablo YG, and Armanii, all artists known for unsavoury lyrics, which have been declared not fit for airplay by the Broadcasting Commission, were invited to perform for the children.

Even worse, he said, was the fact that not only were the students, all 12 years old and below, singing the raw lyrics, even where the artist omitted them, but also the fact that a teacher galloped onto the stage to dance to Mad Out whose lyrical content is centered around women behaving wildly, whilst engaging in taboo sex acts.

On Monday, Bridge FM shared the video discussion on Instagram with the caption: “Should certain dancehall songs/artiste be allowed to perform at schools?”

“I can’t play the video for people because here’s the problem; this video shows Valiant, Armani performing songs and a few others… Pablo YG, Jahshii were supposedly at Rollington Town School primary um performing for some concert a few days or a few weeks ago.  Is that okay?” the disc jockey said.

“The children were singing the raw versions of their popular songs,” he added.

“Dem (artistes) have song weh meck broad make Broadcasting Commission come out and review the airspace and weh wi a play an seh songs with certain content can’t play: can’t play no scammer song; scammer song include lyrics weh talk to ‘clients’ weh talk to ‘banga phone’, weh speak to lead sheets, and di dunce ting,” he added in reference to the artistes.

Videos of the event show, among other things, Valiant performing Mad Out, while a woman who appears to be a member of staff, joins him on stage and dances alongside him.  Another scene shows children belting out the risqué words to one of Armanii’s songs as the instrumental played, seemingly shocking even the artiste himself.

According to DJ Roddy, the school’s principal ought to have conducted due diligence about the type of artists they allow to perform on the school’s compound, similar to how radio announcers have to vet songs before they are played on air.

“How could these school administrators think it is okay to bring Valiant into that space?   A one song Valiant coulda perform fi dem yute deh inna my book,” he said.

DJ Roddy also called on Principal of the Johnathan Grant High School Dr. Oneil Ankle, who in September said students who carried bags to school with the word “Dunce” on them would be barred, to speak on the matter.

“Dr Ankle of Jonathan Grant when the Dunce School Bag came out in September he was very vocal.  I would love to hear his voice on these videos.   Him can’t talk to him colleagues because now this is speaking to the administrators of the school,” he said.

When his co-host DJ Shellz, countered that these artists were probably selected for the concert because they were the ones primary and high school students were listening to, DJ Ruddy rubbished the notion.  

“Yuh can’t seh that.  My yute a my yard naw listen Valiant.  My six seven, eight year old naw  listen Valiant.  Mi naw play dat inna mi house.  Mi play dat inna mi private space,” he argued.

DJ Ruddy stated that despite the artists omitting the profanities whilst singing the songs and the students sang them word for word, the blame for what transpired must be placed on the teachers, as there was no clean version to songs like Mad Out.

“What you going to do with them (children)? What did you do in that moment what did the teachers allow in that moment?   Weh yuh just allow inna dat space?”

“Is there a clean version to Mad Out?   I know there’s no clean version… So first of all the teacher them the administrators we need to see them admonish; we need a public apology from them becaw dem wrong,” he declared.

“We out here: Broadcasting Commission, all of the other stakeholders can’t be here protecting your space, advocating for your space we do all of these things for help build your students and then you come and break down everything else weh wi a do.  Is like you nuh care, nuh care weh di rest of society a try fi do.  Wi a try to create that safe space for you.  Of course a di teacher dem mia  blame because they are the ones who allowed them into the space,” he said.

The broadcaster also insisted that it was irresponsible on the part of the school’s administration to have artists like Valiant performing at a school setting in the first place.

“And Valiant actually did sing a song that I can’t play pon radio; him sing Science.   Siance can’t science can’t play upon radio; it’s not a wholesome song.   So from you invite a certain level of artist who perform certain songs you violated the space,” he said.

“You see this teacher run up beside a Valiant; she deh mad out?  So there was no common sense or responsibility demonstrated in that video… Administrators, know weh oonu a do.  Oonu can’t be out here requesting that the entire society join hands with you to create that wholesome safe space for our youngsters and then you yourself a violate it,” he added.

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