Disappearance of NUP Activists

Since the inception of people power that mutated into National Unity Platform party in 2020, there has been talk of opposition activists allied to this party disappearing, being tortured and the unlucky ones being found dead. In fact during the 2021 elections, some of the young people especially in Buganda region that were actively engaged in campaigning for NUP flag bearers were reported missing that till today some have not been found.
The trend continued that even after elections some of them were either arrested or flew out of the country in fear for their lives. Journalists like Kyuma kya Yesu is among those that managed to leave the country.
Another activist whose close friends have disclosed to this paper missing is Nshemerirwe Fiona of Kawempe. From mid June 2023, she has not been seen in town that her friends are in fear and panic that she could have been kidnaped for political reasons. They further say that since her husband and close family members are tight lipped on the matters perhaps she could have flown out of the country for her safety.
Fiona came to the lime light when she disappeared on the day she was to be nominated to contest as a councilor in Kawempe Division. She re appeared a week after nomination and said she had been kidnapped with the intention of frustrating her political ambition of becoming a councilor. Indeed her mysterious and dramatic disappearance then resulted into failure of her being a candidate in the local government elections that were part of the general elections of 2021.
According to the Secretary General of NUP Mr. L Rubongoya, some of their foot soldiers are finding political harassment a big challenge to live with. He adds that their members have been tortured in a manner that is inhuman and humiliating leaving them with permanent scars.
This paper is launching investigations  into the where about of Fiona and other opposition activists and will keep you updated.
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