Diana King Shows Off Results Of Their Top Surgery

Jamaican singer Diana King says they feel “born again” after the results of their top surgery.

The Shy Guy singer took to social media to show the progress five-months post-operation, declaring that they had no “no regrets” about the life-changing move.

“When I woke up from surgery almost five months ago, I knew immediately that this was one thing I would never regret,” they said. “Like having my first child, never regret! Being authentic, never regret… I felt like I was born again; yeah, no regrets”

Added King, “I absolutely love it. Oh my, God! Wooow!”

Last April, King launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise US$18,000 to help finance the procedure in keeping with them being “genderless.”

In their GoFundMe description, King identified as a Jamaican-born singer/songwriter from Spanish Town and was also an American citizen.  They noted that as an “extremely private person” they had swallowed their pride to make themselves vulnerable and ask for help.

“I originally came out in 2012 as lesbian,  becoming the first from my country to publicly do so.   A few years ago, I came out again to myself, as non-binary “multi-spirit”- feminine, masculine, everything in between or just spirit. Genderless,” they wrote at the time.

According to the artist, they had been thinking about the issue for decades, but had suppressed it.

“After coming out I felt freed & became more open to knowing myself on a deeper level.  I wanted to kno why I was so uncomfortable in my body, why I didn’t quite fit with ‘lesbian’ & slowly I started to regain memories I had blocked.  I started to research and found others who were like me.  So in 2017 I decided to do top surgery,” they had explained.

For the most part, King received positive feedback from her online followers. Some took the opportunity to express how happy they were that they were finally able to have the surgery done.  

“Yes, I agree life is short and you have to live as you feel comfortable. You are well done! Everything will be fine! You are super!,” said one supporter.

“I salute you. Thanks for being true. You are an inspiration,” said another kind follower.

“You’re AMAZING and I love following your journey peace and love always,” added another.

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