Dexta Daps To Release 'Trilogy' Album On His 38th Birthday

Dancehall artist Dexta Daps will be gifting his fans his third studio album on his 38th birthday—January 12, 2024. Titled Trilogy, the project will have 15 tracks.

“It aguh be my expression of myself at the moment in my life. It neva happen before,” the Shabba Madda Pot deejay told DancehallMag at the media launch of his Trilogy concert tour at the Summit Hotel in Kingston on Thursday (November 23).

“Yuh see this album, mi wah give yuh a reality part weh yuh can really feel into weh me is, truly—yuh understand? Den we aguh have the other side weh mek the ladies dem happy; and den we aguh have da real love side deh weh we express wiself…that soft, emotional side. It’s three a the main sides to me, suh mi wah express dat to di world,” he added.

Following his previous albums, Intro and VENT, Daps continues to push boundaries. In an Instagram post on Thursday, he shared an intricate image of himself from behind, his bare back adorned with white body paint that seems to display the tracklist for his new album.

Dexta Daps – Trilogy

His 12-track debut project, Intro was released in 2017. It included his infamous erotic Intro Short Film for his single Bring It To The Owna, starring himself and Lady Ice.

VENT, released in 2020, comprised 16 tracks, including favorites like Leave Her Alone, the flagship track VentCall Me If, Twinkle, Obviously featuring Beenie Man, and Breaking News. The album reached No. 10 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. His second career Billboard entry was Bop, a collab with Afrobeats star Davido, which peaked at No. 22 on the US Afrobeats Songs chart.

Trilogy promises a similar blend of creative partnerships as his previous albums, with producers like TJ Records and Joey 2kool contributing, Daps said. The first track from TrilogyForeverwas released on his birthday this year. The official music video has over 6.6 million views on YouTube.

In celebration of the new album, Daps will embark on a three-day tour in Jamaica from December 1-3, 2023, performing at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre in Kingston, Pearly Beach in Ocho Rios, and Wavz Beach in Negril on the final night.

He said he is pleased about the series in his home country, especially since he has developed such a large fanbase on the island. 

Dexta Daps (contributed)

“I toured here before but it was when I just got exposed, suh it’s like now is the right opportunity fi mi just come back and do di right ting, suh mi really happy ‘bout it,” he told DancehallMag.

It is no secret that Dexta is known to deliver some of the most erotic performances that often send tongues wagging. He describes his ideal performance as being determined by the audience’s energy, not by a set routine.

“My perfect performance is not really up to me; it’s up to the fans. So my perfect performance, I’m always aware of it afterwards. There’s nothing that’s planned for me. When I enter the stage, it’s really me feeling the fans out. There’s no stage I go on and seh, ‘you, come up pon stage and come dance wid mi.’ It’s usually a girl just see it and love the vibe and seh, ‘mi a guh up there’ suh mi mek she come,” he reasoned.

Dexta Daps (contributed)

“Di fans pay nuff money enuh, suh mi haffi mek sure dem enjoy dem selves. My perfect show is when di fans dem enjoy dem selves,” the entertainer added.

Daps, mindful of his passionate fanbase, urges respectful interactions at his events.

“When dem come round mi, mi just wah know seh yuh come fi have fun. We tek some pictures, do some videos and well relaxed… but just don’t cross the boundaries,” he said.

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