Derrick Morgan Says He Will Take Legal Action Against Daughter Queen Ifrica Over “Lies And Accusations”

Ska singer Derrick Morgan says he will be taking legal action against his daughter Queen Ifrica for accusing him of rape

The 83-year-old made the announcement in an Instagram post on Saturday. 

“Queen I Freak Ya, you are a disgrace to the Morgan family,” he wrote. “You are a wealth of lies and accusations, that is why our lawyers are on the case.”

According to Ifrica, she had an estranged relationship with him because of her mother, but reached out to him as an adult. She alleged that he raped her when she stayed at his Kingston home one night, inspiring her advocacy for domestic abuse survivors.

The alleged incident, she revealed, also inspired her 2009 hit Daddy, which tackles incest. Morgan struck back regarding the latter, sharing a video of a 2017 interview where Ifrica detailed how the song actualized. 

“I always wanted to write about that topic, incest, because it affects so many people that I know, personally…” she said. “The childish thing that you heard in the intro came from me not having a father while I was growing up as a kid… I met my father, Derrick Morgan, when I was in my 20s.”

“I grew up as a little girl with my grandfather – he used to tell me lies. He used to say, ‘Your dad sent greetings for you on the radio today’, and everybody knows that’s a lie… But he wanted to comfort me cause my sadness came from my cousins having their fathers around and I never had a father around, so, I could not understand, for the life of me, why a man would want to sleep with his child when I wanted a dad so bad as a little girl.”

Though Morgan limited comments on the post, his sons Courtney and Merrick have been defending him on other pages, particularly in comments on Ifrica’s page. Merrick is also seeking legal counsel after Ifrica claimed he, too, is a victim of rape by a family member. 

“Queen Ifrica, you have been nothing short of pure ignorance,” he wrote.

“You have continued to defame my person through verbal attacks by using your social media platform. Your spoken untruths to try and damage my reputation by expounding that I am a victim of rape simply dumbfounds me. I am appalled and you leave me no choice but to involve my attorney.”

But Ifrica is also getting support from fans, as well as peers in the entertainment industry. Singer Tanya Stephens clapped back at Merrick after he told Ifrica to drop the family name as it “is one of class” which he said she lacks. 

“Merrick Morgan, being molested makes someone classless?” Stephens, also a survivor of sexual abuse, asked. 

Producer Skatta Burrell also commended Ifrica for speaking out. 

“You shall be exalted celebrated for your bravery Queen,” he commented. “Strong Woman, and I forever respect You. No need to stop wilding Your sword after this for wether We agree on certain topics or not You have Your porpoise that does wonders for so Many.”

Entertainers Blvk H3ro, Turtleman and ZJ Sparks, as well as creative director Bling Blang and TV personality Saudicka Diaram also sent love to the Black Woman singer via comments.

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