Deno Crazy Takes Windscreen Wipers On $150,000 Shopping Spree

Dancehall artist Deno Crazy says he’s no bank, but he surely made it rain on a group of windscreen wipers whose Christmas came early thanks to his generosity.

The comedian-turned-artist treated the boys to a shopping spree worth JMD$150,000, a symbol of gratitude for his own success story. 

“Today is just one of dem days deh weh mek me very happy fi share back the love, share back everything weh mi go through, and share back to mi people weh really put me pon a level weh mi can do this for unno,” the Polo Fi Days singjay said in a YouTube vlog posted on Sunday. “Mi appreciate unno. All of my fans dem, mi love unno…”

He shouted out the windscreen wipers whom he said he first encountered at a stoplight several weeks ago. 

“This a just my gift for all of the hard work weh mi put in,” he said. “Dem support me, so mi a support them.”

The young men were clueless about the upcoming treat, and Deno wasn’t entirely sure they’d be at the Waterloo Square stoplight where he’d last seen them. Luck approved of his Samaritan gesture, as the boys were working the light. The plan was to drive by and capture them in action, meet the second pick-up car at Fontana Pharmacy, then spin around to share the surprise with the guys. As he pulled up to the light, the boys immediately recognised him and flocked to clean the windscreen while singing his 2022 hit collab with 450, Thunda.

Between fist bumps and him giving $5,000 to a boy who asked, Deno assured the boys he’d be back with something special. 

“Big Christmas and the man dem outside a clean car glass bro,” he said in dismay as they drove off. “Trust me bro, this a just one of my happiest days and dem deven know mi a do this for them.”

With the second pick-up vehicle in tow, it was time to meet the boys and break the good news. The latter pretty much went like, “We a go carry unno go shopping.”

There was a birthday boy in the midst who got to travel with Deno in a BMW whip, then it was off to Mall Plaza on Constant Spring Road in Kingston. Fierce by Dre was the store of choice, and Deno told the group to wander off and pick up whatever they fancied. Some several shirts, jeans pants and a bomber jacket later, the fresh drip decorated the cash register and Deno covered the bill. 

The gesture is attracting commendations on social media, including applauds from his Tru Ambassador Next Generation family.

“Powerful my bro,” commented 450. 

“Blessing to you my g,” said producer Jahvy Ambassador.

One fan added, “God bless u. May ur basket never run dry.”

Another said, “A man leading by example💯 Dweet yute.”

Deno made his recording debut in 2019 with Right Yah Suh alongside producer His venture into music was natural, considering his father’s stint as a musician, and his own self-staged lunch hour concerts while attending Ewarton High School.

He still balances comedy and music, with his latest release being Robe, produced by Donflakes. 

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