Demarco Shares 'Unauthorized' Collab With Shenseea After Waiting Two Years For Rvssian's Clearance

Dancehall artist Demarco has taken matters into his own hands as they relate to a collaboration between himself and Shenseea, which has been awaiting clearance from Jamaican producer Rvssian for two years.

Rvssian, who is the principal of Rich Immigrants, to which Shenseea has been signed since 2019, had stated in an interview with the Let’s Be Honest podcast last week that he has “never stopped a song” involving the Blessed singer, despite their two-year estrangement and them not seeing “eye to eye” regarding her new music.

On Sunday, Demarco took the opportunity to ask the producer how much it would take for him to get the nod of approval for the track.

“@rvssian mi have a Shenseea collab bout 2 year now weh nah get clear !!! How much yuh a charge mi fi clear it, $10,000 us?,” Demarco asked in an Instagram Story post.

He followed that up with a preview of the track, writing “big b—bocl—t song weh cah get clear mi a guh sing ‘merengue music’ listen the rass verse 😂.”

It seems the subject of US$10,000 has been a motif between Rvssian and Demarco for years. During the Let’s Be Honest interview, Rvssian also shared that the Puppy Tail deejay, who may have assumed that he was Japanese, had charged him that amount during the early stages of his career to voice on one of his riddims. At the time, Rvssian couldn’t afford it. 

“I’ll never forget one time mi deh inna the studio with Demarco; I think Jazzy T did bring me inna one session [and] I think Mavado did deh deh to… Dem play one a mi riddim an’ Demarco seh, ‘yo, da riddim yah bad!’ an’ a gwaan the most… dem play it like 20 time. Then, like him woulda seh, ‘whose riddim?’ an’ dem seh mine, an’ him mood did just change,” Rvssian reminisced.

The producer said he didn’t hold the situation over Demarco’s head.

“My nuh entitled… even if I wasn’t a Japanese, if that’s him price, mi respect it an’ just move on. At the time, mi neva have di money fi pay him 10 grand, so, I just seh, ‘alright cool.”

On Monday, Demarco shared the track, titled Waiting For You, on YouTube, noting that he’s clearing his backlog seemingly without the opinion or approval of others.

“Putting this out unreleased, tired of it on my desktop, 2024 everything a get heard,” the deejay began.

He thanked the Blessed singer and her co-manager, Romeich Major, for making the project possible.

“@shenseea @romeichentertainment yuh mek this collab happen inna less than a day 😂 and 2 years pass an the world dont even get to hear it! Song bad!! YouTube later,” he said, adding that the track was self-produced and mixed by Simpac Music.

Rvssian, who has been fighting multiple battles simultaneously this month, posted a satirical photo labeling himself as a piñata, with an unnamed artist and “others” hitting him.

For the most part, Instagram users have been endorsing Waiting For You.

“Lol nuff songs on producers laptops collecting dust. Yay for you Marco! Produce your own ish and put it out. Mine Romeich send legal papers,” said one of Demarco’s followers.

“She need it Marco drop it. Careful doe mine u mash up har rap career,” added another.

One more supporter said, “This sounds like the Shenseea I know and love.”

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