Demarco Claps Back At Renee 6:30 Over 'Puppy Tail' Success

Dancehall artist Demarco has struck back at Renee 6:30’s claim that he manipulated her out of earnings from his 2014 hit Puppy Tail, inspired by her dance move of the same name.

The former dancer-cum-artist made the accusation on the Let’s Be Honest podcast a year ago, but shared the clip on Instagram earlier this month during Demarco and Fully Bad’s clash.

“Demarco mek a bagga money off dah song deh,” Renee said. “At one point, mi friend dem a seh, ‘Yow, ask Demarco if him cya get a visa or something cause cuh the song big’.”

Renee alleged that she was told that the Dunwell-produced track wasn’t yet bringing in royalties, and Good Book was the cash cow at the time.

“The man manipulate and tell mi a bagga things and mi a seh, alright, mi will work with it,” she said. “Memba mi nuh know nothing bout dah artist something deh. When mi see all the tour after that, mi a seh no man, something nuh right man. Me realise seh mi start get con…”

She deemed it a no-brainer to bring the creator of the dance move on the “Puppy Tail tour”, but in his clap back, Demarco said he never had any such tour. 

“Nuff a dem waan deh deh bout, ‘Oh, him never even get me a visa’. Weh the f**k? Move yuh bloodcl**t…” he told The Entertainment Podcast. “You need fi be independent. You need to waan to do things for yourself. Dem seh, ‘Mi already did name weh mi name already before even you sing dah song yah’, so what is the problem then?… Yuh nuh shoulda build yuh thing and a go out there and a do your thing?”

The music all-rounder added that the majority of his catalog contrasts dancing tunes, canceling the need to work with dancers. 

“Mi nah go travel with no dancer cause mi do one bagga reality song and mi have couple girl song, yes, but mi isn’t an artist weh carry a bagga dancer and dem thing deh, so bagga lie dem tell pon man.”

Should he need any dancing on stage, “The people dem nuh deh inna the crowd can come dance? Mi nuh need fi bring nuh dancer.” 

The No Wahala singjay further posited that dance moves are free game for any artist, and that they are not obligated to the creators. 

“Once dance deh out deh, anybody can sing bout it, don’t it? A nuh like seh mi and you sit down and we pencil out and create something. Mi hear bout something and mi sing bout it, so that nuh mean seh me haffi do everything fi yuh. Highlight and it reach to a level. Don’t haffi be a leech. Go and create your own.”

The music video which features the former dancer has over 32 million views, while the song has more than three million Spotify streams.

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