D’Angel And Beenie Man Split On Son’s Boxing Dreams

D’Angel says she and deejay Beenie Man are split when it comes to their son’s desire to be a professional boxer. 

Social media got an inkling of Marco Dean Davis in the ring when he turned 17 in November. At the time, D’Angel shared a video of her sole child training for the big league, under the tutelage of Sakima Mullings, former Caribbean Boxing Federation Welterweight champ and two-time winner of the Wray and Nephew Contender Series, as well as the 2015 winner and middleweight boxer Kemahl ‘The Hitman’ Russell. 

In a recent Onstage interview, D’Angel said ‘The Doctor’ caught wind of the video and reportedly voiced his disapproval of their son doing the combat sport. 

“Everybody saw it, so he said, ‘Marco, no boxing for you’… I’m like, whatever Marco wants, I’m gonna support him all the way. So, if it’s boxing him want, he shall do his boxing – mommy seh that.”

D’Angel previously opened up about her experience co-parenting with her ex-husband.

The single mother has been active in her son’s interests over the years, sharing videos of his performing arts endeavours at school, and fitness journey during the pandemic. While she embraces his musical gift as innate, she’s still warming up to her son pursuing the punch-throwing sport. 

“I don’t know how I’m gonna get over it, just watching my son fighting,” she shared. “I don’t know, but that’s his dream, so, I’m standing behind him.”

D’Angel and son Marco Dean

She ensures he strikes a balance between boxing and academics, but still believes he’ll be a musical force to be reckoned with. However, she isn’t forcing him in any direction. 

“He has a black belt from taekwondo, now he’s into boxing,” she said. “He’s a great singer, amazing dancer, a great personality, a humble soul, and everybody loves Marco Dean, so, when Marco Dean ready fi put foot a road, mi haffi go sit down cause mi haffi be a ‘momager’ for my son… It’s God’s timing because God knows there’s things I have to fulfill before my son starts his musical journey because he has the gift…”

Beenie Man, whose given name is Moses Davis, has 12 children. Among them are recording artists Moses Jnr and Ashley-Jade, dancer-turned-producer Desha-Gaye, and university students Crystal and Ikyra.

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