Dancing Rebel Cops 2024 Honda SUV

Dancer and choreographer Christina ‘Dancing Rebel’ Nelson continued her birthday celebrations on Monday when she copped a brand new 2024 Honda SUV.

Following a massive birthday party at the National Arena on Friday, the entertainer took to Instagram to show gratitude for all her recent blessings, thanking God, her manager, Romeich Major, family, and friends.

“Happy 29th birthday to me. I wanna big up the man above. My manager who has had my back with it all. My friends, team and families. I love you guys,” she captioned a video of herself collecting the keys to her new whip at the dealership.

In the video, Rebel is handed the keys as her friends, TC and Pretti Pretti, cheer her on.

An elated Rebel then bursts into a series of spontaneous dance moves as she celebrated her latest accomplishment. She was also gifted a bottle of champagne and a brand-new Movado watch.

In a bid to ensure her friend was sent on the road with blessings and coverage, Pretti Pretti prayed with Rebel before driving out of the dealership.

But a new ride and a sold-out birthday party were not the only gifts Rebel received for her recent birthday. On Monday, her manager revealed that the dancer was the face of Boom Energy Drink’s 2024 calendar.

The entertainer, a former Team Spice dancer, has been soaking up the spotlight recently as she continues to receive tremendous attention from the creation of a viral TikTok dance to Kraff’s single, Rum Behavior.

The dance which has gone viral, has given the entertainer even more publicity on the local and international entertainment scene as persons on the social media platform mimic her infectious dance moves.

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