Dancehall Artist Shokryme Rebrands To Seysoh

When it comes to rebrands, Dancehall artist Shokryme subscribes to the book of playwright William Shakespeare, who famously wrote: “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. Hence, the artist’s new name Seysoh, merely heralds his return to the music space months after being released from prison but doesn’t change his sound or his content.

“When I analyzed by career, I saw certain cracks, cracks, the song dem bad, the image bad, so wah the turn off? When mi get introduce to certain people, once dem hear say mi name Shokryme, dem features change, dem never even gimme a chance to hear mi song,” he told DancehallMag.

“So it come back down to mi name, so mi have to use a name that people, both young and old, ah go love see. And dem mi realize say mi have mi slang ‘sey so’, people call me Seyso even when mi down in the correctional facility, GP, ah so nuff people call me. So ah it mi a work wid, everybody ah work wid it. Ah it mi a go run wid, once you say something, and it mek a girl laugh, that means say is either it have an effect, positive or negative, but more likely a positive effect,” he explained.

He said he hopes that the name change will give him “global appreciation” for his craft.

His latest single is Rainy Weather, which was released on October 14.

“My new YouTube page will show Seysoh but those songs with the Shokryme alias will remain; me naw change dem. You haffi proud a your past, because it shape your future,” he said.

The artist, whose real name is Jason Pinnock, spent a few months in 2020 at the ‘100 man’ station in Greater Portmore before he pleaded guilty to charges of illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition in early 2021.

He was sentenced to three and a half years but gained favor with the parole board and was released from GP in April 2023 after serving two years.

At the time, Seyso said his two-year incarceration taught him a deeper appreciation of key values and principles that he once took for granted. “Appreciate everything, yu learn to appreciate freedom, appreciate, family, love and Father God, nah lef Him out…prison gives you the time, it makes you look deep, play out the moves over and over and see what you could do differently,” he said.

He also released a new EP dubbed Change for the Better.

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