Curly Loxx On Bob Marley Having 11 Children: ‘He Was Very Irresponsible’

Curly Loxx, half of the Twin of Twins duo, is zeroing in on Bob Marley’s sexual discipline following last month’s discourse about his affair with Cindy Breakspeare while married to Rita. 

“Bob was a f–k-giver; Bob gave many f–ks…” the artist recently said on his YouTube channel. “Bob went above and beyond fi distribute f–ks. Whole heap a gyal inna the four corner of the Earth never short of Bob f–k dem.”

He went on, “Bob clearly never know seh condom invent inna 1855… At one point, Bob deh a hospital every week and a nuh sick him sick, a pickney him a collect. By me saying condom, nuh seh mi a seh him shoulda dash weh him pickney dem. Mi glad all a unno deh yah, but him did very irresponsible – we cya deny that.”

Marley fathered 11 children, five with Rita (Cedella, Ziggy and Stephen, while adopting her two daughters Sharon and Stephanie) and six (Robbie, Rohan, Karen, Julian, Ky-Mani and Damian) with other women throughout his marriage.

Some of Bob Marley’s children. From left: Ziggy, Stephen, Damian, Ky-Mani and Julian Marley.

Breakspeare, who mothers Damian, received backlash after reminiscing on their romance in a birthday tribute last month. Ziggy and Sharon subsequently defended their mother’s honour as a devoted wife and then some, which some netizens deemed a jab at the 1976 Miss World. 

Referencing Ziggy’s post, Curly Loxx said he failed to hold Marley accountable for his infidelity.  

“Ziggy yuh father nuh innocent where these girls weh come interrupt the marriage with Rita is concerned,” he said. “Him no innocent. Him never stumble and drop pon dem front and it just happen. Him let them inna him relationships, so that’s a choice… You haffi hold him accountable fi those things mi bredda, and it’s not secret how yuh father was.”

Cindy Breakspeare and Bob Marley
Cindy Breakspeare and the late Bob Marley

Nonetheless, he said Ziggy ought not get involved with “parental politics” as the truth has many sides.

“No pickney have the true understanding, so this a nuh just fi Ziggy, this a fi everybody in general,” Curly Loxx said. “Don’t fight your parents’ politics cause everything weh dem a complain bout, normally two side a seh the same thing. Time reveals all things.”

Marley and Rita got married in 1966, but he would later deny an actual marriage in a clip that has been making the rounds lately.

“Mi nuh believe inna marriage that much,” the One Love hitmaker said when probed about marriage.

He went on to say that he was “never” married, and reasoned that Rita was using his surname for ease of movement in the music industry. 

“Is a woman weh have babies fi me too,” he added before describing their relationship as “just a thing.”

But Rita’s take is quite contrary in British director Kevin MacDonald’s Marley documentary. The Cuban-born singer spoke about transitioning from being a wife to a mother/big sister figure to him, and how she was able to overcome his infidelity and maintain her sanity for the sake of her children.

Bob & Rita Marley

Despite his affairs, she believed he loved her.  

“He didn’t want to see any other man look at me; he was very jealous… That gave me an assurance that he really did deeply, dearly love me, and he still does because his spirit remains with me… I find it amusing sometimes the way the other women threw themselves at him… Deep down in his heart, he maybe only had one love. The other things were like a fling, or a period of time that created that sense of fantasy that comes with show business.”

His “fling” with Breakspeare started a year before her crowning, though she revealed in a 2014 Bob Marley lecture that she didn’t know he was still married until giving birth to their son.

The women were by his side as he fought and ultimately succumbed to cancer in 1981. 

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