Chronixx Returns With Yussef Dayes For Heartfelt ‘Pon Di Plaza’

The combination of Yussef Dayes, the English drummer, and Chronixx has culminated in the soothing and reflective Reggae ballad, Pon Di Plaza, which was released today as a single from Dayes’ debut album, Black Classical Music.

The track marks a surprise yet highly-anticipated reappearance from Chronixx, who has been somewhat absent from the local music scene since embarking on fatherhood.

The Reggae superstar took to Instagram to announce the single’s release earlier today, and provided his fans with some insight into the project.

He shared: “Big respect to @yussefdayes my general@ Thanks for sharing your art with the world today and for making me a part of the vibe. Up, up and away my lord!”

Addressing the song’s inspiration directly, Chronixx explained: “Wrote this one some time ago with my brother @universvlz reflecting on the family’s journey over the years from Spanish to the astral realms. Big up to @milescjames and @yussefdayes for bringing the record to life!!! Cheers to my bredrin Adrian aka @worl__bass for doing his thing on bass.”


In the song, Chronixx’s smooth vocals are beautifully propped up on the backing track adorned with Dayes’ stellar percussion skills. As the tune sways between reflection and reverie on the back of Chronixx’s storytelling, Miles James and Adrian ‘Jerks’ Henry, add layers to the song’s emotional depth via bass and backing guitar. The rest of the track is rounded out by timely uses of synthesizers to add effects that add to the song’s overall quality, while maintaining its authenticity as a heartfelt story about family, love, gratitude, and persistence.

Chronixx, who plays lead guitar on the song, opens the track with a message of persistence (“winners never quit”), before singing about his days “hustling pon di plaza with grandma”. The song eventually reflects on his journey from obscurity to stardom, and finds its anchor in Chronixx’s ability to convey genuine humility the rest of the way.

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