Cheflodeezy Teams Up With Teejay For 'Ecstasy'

Jamaican-born Miami rapper Cheflodeezy knows what a hard knock life is all about. Only a few years ago, he was broke, aimless and homeless on the tough streets of Tallahassee, Florida. But these days, he is on the verge of a musical breakthrough with his new single, Ecstasy, featuring Teejay.

Ecstasy racked up over 320,000 streams on Spotify since its release, and it is Cheflodeezy’s most streamed song to date.

“It’s a great look, the video is streaming well, and I am getting a huge buzz in Jamaica, people are loving the synergy with me and Teejay and he is straight fire on his verse,” he said.

“I was homeless in Tallahassee, Florida. I started doing too many wrong things and ended up going to jail 6 times in one year. I fell off wicked because of that. I spent more time fighting cases than hustling and ended up homeless for a few months,” Cheflodeezy said.

Deezy moved to Opa Locka, Miami at the age of 9 where he lived with his mom and younger brother. “I remember the food and the people the most.. cooking outside by the river . Mango bush . Climbing trees only two meals per day,” he said.

Deezy found his love for music as a teenager at Miami Central High, when his best friend at the time introduced him to the beat making platform Fruity Loops. After high school, Deezy fell into the grimy street life, racking up an impressive record by age 21, with multiple arrests, and he lost more than a few close friends to gun violence. At one point, he found himself homeless and broke. His life was spiraling out of control.

Then he had a revelation, a Road to Damascus moment after the birth of his first child llamiyah. “I had to make some changes,” he said.

He went to culinary school in Miami and pursued a career as a professional chef. This is where he got the nick name “Cheflodeezy”.

He rapped and free-styled and had other students listen to his music on a daily basis. After graduating culinary school, Deezy started to make a name for himself in the Miami culinary world where he was featured in Miami’s SoHo House world magazine as a rising star on Deco drive.

“I was a sous chef, and an executive chef at a few restaurants. Also was featured in various magazines and the Deco Drive tv program featuring a few of my dishes,” he said.

He private cheffed for various celebrities on visits. He, however, never let his love for music die. Cheflodeezy went to recording studios on his days off and wrote music before and after work on most days.

He inked a recording deal with Miami-based indie label Artekal Music, and after a string of impressive bangers, producers from all over the world bgean sending beats his way. Now, he is ready to establish himself as one of the genre’s top talents.

“I am going to take this all the way to the top, repping both Miami and Jamaica, creating a unique fusion between dancehall and rap,” Cheflodeezy said.

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