Chef Valiant’s Too Spicy ‘Corn Beef And Rice’ Made Him Cry

Valiant scored with fans once again, this time preparing his favorite go-to dish in the kitchen during a hilarious cooking segment courtesy of Digicel Jamaica.

Digicel launched the new episode, ‘Cooking With Valiant’ with their brand ambassador Valiant last month, premiering part 1 on July 23, and part 2 this week on August 13. Chef Valianto (as he calls himself) whipped up a French-inspired meal, dubbed “Uchella” – simply put, i.e. corned beef and rice with sweet corn.

The Dancehall personality stirred humor while preparing the meal, but nothing was funnier than him taste-testing his own cooking. The Mad Out deejay confidently declared, “I’m one of the baddest chefs in Jamaica,” after successfully cooking the white rice and what looked to be some scrumptious ‘Uchella.’

He would go on to plate the meal, the way his grandmother taught him. “So, I’m going to share out the food right now and show you how beautiful it is.”

As the cameras hovered over him in the kitchen, an anxious Valiant could be heard mumbling under his breath, “Dem people just ova mi back suh, make mi feel seh mi can’t cook. In ah neck ah stare … mi can’t manage dem ting yah bredda. None ah uno can’t make mi feel like mi can’t cook.” 

Then, everything crumbled upon setting the rice inside a ceramic mug and turning it onto the plate.

“Here wah a gwaan, me just a go share out di food, cause it nah really ah look to how mi want it,” he said to dismiss the blunder. The production crew in the background, however, couldn’t quite contain their giggles. 

The North Carolina singer later presented a rather basic-looking plate of corned beef and rice to his mute audience, which he implored to clap. “Clap mi nuh!” he said before thunderous clapping ensued.

The deejay was his biggest critic. “Mi feel like mi cut the seasoning dem too big, cause mi can’t really get fi find the corn beef,” he stated, upon taking his first, two bites.

“Ah like ah seasoning mi cook, all mi eye dem a bun a mi,” he said, looking in the camera with reddening, watery eyes.

“It nice still … fi who like peppa food. Mi eye dem a bun mi,” he continued as his eyes piled with tears. 

The food was evidently too spicy for Valiant but he wasn’t going to punk out from eating a meal he prepared himself, especially in front of an audience. “Mi a go eat it cah mi hungry, and mi nah stop a no KFC or no weh…”

“Look pan mi eye … m’ mm … mi ah tell you seh it hot … to how this yah hot …” the deejay ranted, while struggling to finish his sentences. 

The scene immediately cut to the Dunce Cheque artist wrapping up the segment. “Thank you for cooking with Valianto … aahhh,” he said with tears streaming down his face – Watch below:

Grace Kennedy brand ambassador and self-proclaimed chef, Ding Dong was one of the first to comment on the video of Valiant. “Daaawwwggg how much time me and u par how yuh never tell mi 😂😂😂😂😂😂 mi woulda help yuh enuh,” he wrote.

Other industry peers like IWaata, Stalk Ashley, and Romeich Major flooded the comment feed with laughing-face emojis. 

However, fans agreed that Valiant was a true comic and entertainer. “His personality & humbleness is what makes Valiant the best ❤️,” said one person. Another chimed in, “Jah know. Me never expect fi a laugh so much 😂😂😂.”

“If u never made it in music, definitely comedy bro,” another stated. 

In his cooking feature, the deejay mentioned that cooking was one of his hidden talents. In fact, if things hadn’t worked out for him in music, the St. Mary star said he would have been a chef. “I just shared one of my talents with you, my secret talent if I didn’t get the break in music,” he said.

Watch the full episode of “Cooking With Valiant” with Digicel here: 

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