Cham Shares Secret To His Ageless Look

Should an anti-aging brand need an ambassador, Dancehall toaster Cham would be the perfect fit.

Over the years, his female fans have not only lauded his diverse repertoire, but his ability to maintain his devilishly handsome appearance. Cham shared his beauty secret during a press run for Groovin’ in the Park on June 25. 

“It’s good vitamin S,” the deejay said, a toast to his infectious 2003 hit of the same name, and possibly, the truth. 

For those interested in getting it, he dared, “We’re gonna make sure it’s in the stores.”

Riding confidently on Dave Kelly’s Fiesta riddim, Vitamin S is a collar-popping tune about Cham’s sexual prowess, hot enough to peak at number 56 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart.

It followed a slew of classics reeled out by Cham since he embarked on a music career in the mid-90s, a journey he’ll be taking patrons on at the 10th staging of the popular festival in New York. 

Reflecting on his catalogue including Many Many, Another Level (w/Bounty Killer), Middle Finger, Man and Man, and Ghetto Story, Cham could have never predicted the trajectory of his music, likening it to the relationship between a parent and child. 


“When they’re at birth, you wish them the best and hopefully they can grow up and become super successful, and that’s how you make music…” he explained. “You never know what’s gonna fly. You have an idea because of the feeling in the studio.”

Cham forms part of a special line-up at Groovin’ in the Park dubbed ‘The Timeless 90s’. Joining him will be Wayne Wonder and Frisco Kidd. The contributions of artists and musicians from that era were also highlighted during a Dave Kelly tribute at Reggae Sumfest last year, of which all three men formed part. 

Cham (left) and Wayne Wonder at Reggae Sumfest 2022. Photo credit: Claudia Gardner

“When you think about those songs coming from ‘96, I was just a kid coming out of high school, probably 15/16 years old, and I got the opportunity to work with Wayne Wonder and Dave Kelly and the whole family in the Mad House team, and it was a pleasure,” Cham said. “You kinda cherish those songs up to today because they’re like diamonds. I’ve been lucky enough to make super classics.”

And he’s still at it, promoting his latest release, Slow Motion, a collaboration with Bounty Killer and Dexta Daps charged to reignite the rent-a-tile culture between men and women in the dancehall. 

“Now we have the big, mega classic, to me, that’s gonna last forever with Dexta Daps and Bounty Killer, so, I’ve been blessed to just make super, super classics and we have to give thanks and give it up to the producers and the whole team, cause you have a whole team that’s in the cut, behind-the-scenes or in front-the-scenes, kinda doing their thing that mek everything possible and mek everything work and connect the right way.”

Also rostered for Groovin’ in the Park are Charlie Wilson, Minister Marion Hall and Tarrus Riley. Billed at the last minute was deejay Spice, who has since withdrawn from the festival

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