Capleton’s Brother Cavaley Says He's “Selfish”: 'If Bounty Killer Was My Brother, I Would Be One Of The Biggest Artists'

Cavaley Foreign Accent, the younger brother of Dancehall/Reggae veteran Capleton, has accused the ‘Fireman’ of being selfish and breaking a promise to give him that big break in music.

Cavaley, who recently changed his name and released fresh music in the form of a single and an EP, claimed that while there is no love lost between him and Capleton, his music career would be more successful if his brother was Bounty Killer, who has the reputation for “bussing” the most artists in Jamaica.

“Capleton is my brother. We have the same father but otherwise from that we have no more relationship. Capleton is just a brother to me, at this moment nothing else, but let me say this if Bounty Killer was my brother, I would be one of the biggest artist in the world or if any other artist was my brother the world would been known and heard about me years ago,” he told DancehallMag.

“That man is very very selfish, he never buss any one around him, I definitely know that for sure because he never buss Jah Cure, [it] is Sizzla, Beres Hammond and Buju Banton responsible for Jah Cure’s career and he never buss Munga for sure. If it wasn’t [for] Cool face and Don Corleon, Munga would still be trying to get a break just like me and Munga know that,” he claimed.

Capleton’s camp declined DancehallMag‘s requests for comment on Cavaley’s claims.


Cavaley explained that Capleton supposedly promised to get him the breakthrough 14 years ago.

“He told five of us at the time in David’s house, saying that 2010 he was going to  buss all of us, including me and Munga and Jah Malo, at that time it was just 2005 and when 2010 finally arrived he try to find excuses saying a lot of crap which doesn’t matter at this point,” he said. “I’ll always have respect for that man he just way too selfish and I know people maybe gonna say why I’m saying this now but it’s simple I have been minding my business still remember and appreciate the good he has  done for me outside of music I really do and I will always respect the good.”

He admitted that when people find out that he is related to Capleton they often question why he hasn’t replicated the success of his brother.

“When people know that he is my brother they first question why my brother has not helped me with my career and my reply is always positive to protect his image but now this man being so so disrespectful to me as his own little brother, but you know what they say if you keep knocking on the devil’s door he will answer you one day in other words that’s exactly what he did!” he said.

“The meaning of my cavaley foreign accent is all me and it defines me. Cavaley is the one that raps, and foreign accent loves to create more of a futuristic singing music, my name comes with deferent personalities, nothing crazy but musically my style is way more different from everyone else so my name because I created it myself,” explained Cavaley, who changed his name from Hitech Cavaley.

Cavaley, whose given name is Delroy Bailey, is originally from St. Mary, Jamaica, but migrated to the United States, where he still resides. He has been doing music for some time but isn’t deterred that he has yet to get the big break as he does what he considers international music.

“I got my the name little capes from friends who at the time say that I look and sounded like capleton when I was a kid but ofter growing up I thought I needed to be walking in my own shoes find an myself so I don’t have to be walking in my brother footsteps so I created a new me wish is Cavaley Foreign Accent that’s goin to define my style and flow because I don’t DJ dance hall music any more I do international music, my style is more of a Rap J, style,” he explained.

Currently, he is residing in New York, working on new singles and an album, and also has new management.

He said he’s recording a crossover album with rapper Angelo, with features heavy hitters such as Busta Rhymes. His album will infuse dancehall with hip-hop with an authentic Jamaican flavour.

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