Capleton, Najeeriii, And More For Inaugural 'Fyah In Da Ville' In Negril

The ultra-busy Dancehall veteran Capleton, backed by his Prophecy band, is set to headline Negril’s first-ever staging of the Fyah in Da Ville concert series, this Saturday, November 25, at the Jamaica Tamboo Resort.

The Fireman will be among a slew of artists, including the red-hot teenager Najeeriii, Munga Honourable, Ffurious, Elbizzle, and others.

According to the promoter of the event, Princess Taylor, the decision to feature younger acts such as Najeeriii, alongside the veteran Capleton, was taken in a bid to, among other things, bring various “moods” to the event.

“We have to give them the message, but still we want to give them the spiciness.  That’s where Munga will come in; that’s where Najeeriii will come in,” she told DancehallMag in an interview.

“I think people need to see the transition of where the music is coming from and where it’s going and to see the younger acts work with the older acts… it could work well; it doesn’t have to be oil and water.  It brings you different moods too…,” the Manchester native added.

Capleton, who has not performed in Negril since Dream Weekend’s Yush in 2019, has also promised to ignite the Capital of Casual, and serve up a musical treat for his fans.

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve performed in Negril, it’s one of my favourite places to perform. I am really looking forward to this show. The fans in Negril can expect the usual fiery Capleton performance. The high energy, high intensity performance that I deliver everywhere both locally and internationally,” the Rein of Fire artist said.

Taylor, like Capleton, has promised Reggae and Dancehall fans in and around Negril that the experience on Saturday night with the fireman at the helm, “will be like no other”, and that the venue’s décor was currently being transformed in anticipation of this weekend.

“Capleton has been on tour in Europe and has been doing great, sold-out events.  A lot of people have not been able to see him live, and he has not been in Negril for about four years or so.  And he is energetic; he is at his peak again, so I think folks should come out to feel the energy … to be right here on the beach with that energy.  I just think it’s going to be magnificent,” she told DancehallMag.

Taylor said that the event was first held in Georges Valley in Manchester in 2016 as a means of celebrating her own birthday.

“It was initiated around my birthday… It just kind of expanded because when I go to other events in Jamaica and I see what other people are offering, like Rebel Salute, and the other events and I said ‘you know what, I could do this in Mandeville because I have been in the business for so long.’”

Taylor, who has been promoting musical events for the past 28 years, says her first show ever had featured Capleton back in 1995.

“And I have always been connected to the fire of Reggae music, what it does to your soul, to your spirit, how it makes you feel, the positive music and so I always want to put fire in…,” she added.

She said the decision to take the event to Negril was based on several considerations including weather conditions in Mandeville this time of year and the commencement of peak tourist season in Negril.   

“In Mandeville, November is a rainy month and I wanted to have Capleton headline this year’s event.  He was a surprise act last year in Mandeville, so I said ‘OK, let me bring him somewhere new’.   And then Jamaica Tamboo came around because I have a relationship with Black Brothers and through Mr Kenneth Black I was offered his location and so I jumped on it.  He is a sponsor for the event,” Taylor explained.

“I think it will be great because I think there are certain times of the year that people are looking for a particular event, and so to have it in November where there isn’t anything like this right now, I think that will definitely add to the experience that tourists will feel when they come here,” she added.

Showtime for Fyah in Da Ville begins at 8:30pm and gates open at 6:00pm.

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