Bugle Says He's Releasing His Fifth Album In August 2024

Reggae artist Bugle will release his 5th studio album in 2024, a follow-up to 2021’s Toxicity. “I have lots of singles, plus a video and song will be dropping on Jan 12th for the Heart Too Clean song too,” the Anointed singer told DancehallMag.

Known for his witty punch lines and illuminating, imaginative lyrics, the Portland native shared a bit about his creative process.

“I usually produce my albums with the help of any producer I’m recording for at the time if I think the song fit that particular project. For me, my albums are spontaneous and maybe that’s why them so powerful, so I am working with the same energy,” he explained.

The album, which he expects to feature ‘no more than 14 songs’, is slated for an August release, and will feature several collaborations. “I have the names of who I want on the album which I’m 90 per cent sure of but it hasn’t materialized yet so I’d rather not share those names yet,” he said.

Over the course of his career, Bugle has trod a conscious path, never compromising with the quality of his lyrics and not straying far from message-oriented, profanity-free music.

The Toxicity album had featured the standout tracks Look Deep, Compliments, Experience with Nation Boss, and Time Is Of Essence with Bounty Killer and Julian Marley.

His other albums include Picture Perfect (2019), Be Yourself (2017), and Anointed (2014).

Bugle, whose given name is Roy Thompson, performed at a sold-out show in Connecticut in November alongside fellow artist Jah Vinchi, Spragga and Iba Mahr. He also recently returned to the island after performing at a concert at the national stadium in Grenada alongside Sizzla on December 23.

“It was nothing normal. The Grenadians really love reggae music and appreciate the message,” he said.

Sting 2023

On his return to Jamaica, he delivered a mature, professional performance at Sting 2023 at Jamworld in Portmore that showed off the arc of his overall development as one of the best reggae performers in the world.

Looking dapper in a tan suit and matching sneakers, he kicked off his performance with a bang with Anointed.

“Mi forward from a place name Cooreville, Kingston 20, big up every real ghetto yute, Riverton, Seaview Gardens, Callaloo Bed, Waterhouse, if yu proud of yourself and where you come from, represent for your ghetto,” he said, before launching into Be Proud. Bugle then requested the Answer riddim where he deejayed a song about burning out some ‘bwoy with nose ring’.

He got a major forward for an uptempo rendition of Doh, taking off his jacket as he warmed up to the audience. Vuvuzelas spanked the cold night air and shouts of ‘pow pow’ greeted songs like Journeys, What Have I Done to You?, and Blame Life.

The highlight of his performance came during his rendition of Nuh Compatible, his biggest hit. One of his backup singers joined him onstage to answer his allegations about their ‘toxic’ relationship.

He paid tribute to his mother, who gave birth to 11 children and who passed away last year. “Mi ah number 8, imagine if mama did stop at #7, there would be no Bugle,” he said, before asking the patrons to turn on their flashlights on their phones as he sang, Mama Mi Love You.

Bugle is set for a European tour this Summer 2024.

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