Bounty Killer Reacts To Former MP's Murder Charge, Calls It Karma

Dancehall star Bounty Killer has reacted to the recent news of former St Mary Western Member of Parliament Jolyan Silvera being charged with the murder of his wife, Melissa Silvera, labeling it “karma.”

On Monday, the Warlord took to Instagram to take a swipe at the former politician who, in a Facebook post in 2017, had expressed outrage that he (Bounty) and his Dancehall compatriot Ninjaman had been invited to serve as motivational speakers at the Ministry of National Security and Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) ‘Blast Off’ for police officers. 

Bounty, in re-sharing Silvera’s picture post, indicated that he was the one who had the “last laugh” and spared no punches as he took aim at the former St. Mary MP.

“Karma is my favorite b-tch.  She f-cks everybody.  Watch what this little weak insecure gyal clown ya Joylan Silvera did said about me and Ninjaman whilst making a great effort five ago.  A wah yu deh pon now idiot e dawg dem shall meet and greet yu bloodclaath inna di penn now pooosie🤔,” he wrote.

In the Facebook post back in January 2017, Silvera had shared a Gleaner newspaper photo of Bounty and Ninjaman posing with then Minister of National Security Robert Montague, and among other things, condemned the two artists whilst pointing to their run-ins with the law.

“Motivational speakers for the JCF and other heads of Department for National Security yesterday morning at the conference center. Now you tell me. One on a murder charge and one was charged for beating a female with a hammer,” Silvera had captioned his post at the time.

Inferring that they were unintelligent in subsequent comments, Silvera had also pointed out the irony of Bounty’s selection, given the legal troubles that both he and Ninjaman had faced, and, in subsequent comments, suggested that figures facing serious criminal charges should not be entrusted with the responsibility of motivating law enforcement officials.

“The question is how can the JCF and others be motivated and these are the people that are less intelligent than they are giving them advice. These are the same set that speaks ill of the government day in Day Out,” he had also noted.

Ninjaman, whose given name is Desmond John Ballentine, was on a murder charge during the period of the photograph, while Bounty Killer himself had also faced legal issues, having been charged for assaulting a former lover with a hammer.

On Friday, The Gleaner reported that investigators probing the death of Melissa Silvera had charged Jolyan with murder following a third round of questioning and that he had been taken into custody on Thursday afternoon, and that he had spent the night at a Corporate Area lock-up.

“Melissa, 42, was murdered at her home located at Diamond Court, Diamond Road, Stony Hill.  Initial reports stated that Melissa died in her sleep on November 10 of natural cause, a month shy of her eighth wedding anniversary.   An autopsy performed three weeks after her death unearthed at least three bullet fragments in her body.  This prompted the police to launch a murder investigation.  Jolyan Silvera’s licensed firearm was taken for ballistic testing,” The Gleaner report stated.

Former Jamaican Member of Parliament Jolyan Silvera and wife Melissa

During the Blast Off event in 2017, which was part of the JCF’s drive to create a “safer and prosperous Jamaica”, Bounty Killer had said that Jamaicans ought to be more loving, according to a Star article.

“We need to show more love and care to our brothers and sisters. The families and parents, they are to play their role to prevent their child from getting into violence. We can’t just leave it up to the community. We all have to play our part. So, I am saying, the police, the soldiers and the security forces play their part. We as a society need to play our part as well,” the Coppershot artiste had told the police officers in his address.

Ninjaman, on the other hand, had emphasized that crime suppression was not solely the responsibility of the police.

“It’s our responsibility. Is not the prime minister responsibility to let the country become a better place. The prime minister responsibility is to run the country. It’s our responsibility to move our country forward. We not calling on the police, soldier and firemen, the nurse and the doctors, who are already doing their work. We calling on the Jamaican people to take a stand and look at the country,” he had said.

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