Bounty Killer Hints That Performance At Sting 2023 Was His Last

Bounty Killer has seemingly hinted that his performance at Sting 2023 was his final.

On Thursday, Sting promoter Isiah Laing told The Gleaner that the Warlord’s impatience, pre-performance actions, and a protracted onstage stint contributed to delays on the show, resulting in, among other things, Spragga Benz and Anthony B being unable to hit the stage.

A day later, Bounty, who last year said he had given up on Sting before making an about-face this year, shared a video of his performance on Instagram and declared that: “1993 – 2023 DAT A DAT!!”  

The year 1993, mentioned by Bounty, marks the first time he appeared on the show and clashed with his archrival Beenie Man, resulting in a years-long lyrical feud, which inadvertently helped to propel their musical careers. The year 2023, a total of 30 years after, seemingly marks his last.

The Gleaner had quoted Laing in an article repeatedly mentioning Bounty as playing a major role in some of the shenanigans that took place at the Jamworld Entertainment Complex in Portmore, where the event was held.     

“We were running 25 minutes behind for the Giants. Tanya (Stephens) was supposed to work before Capleton, but the Fireman had asked to work at a certain time so we sent him on.  After Tanya, it was supposed to be Spragga Benz, then Anthony B and then Bounty Killer, but Bounty didn’t wait his turn,” Laing had told The Gleaner.  

“To be fair, Bounty had requested to perform at 5:00am, but he should have waited…,” he added.

Laing had also told the publication that he regretted that Spragga Benz and Anthony B, whom he said were backstage awaiting their turn, did not get the opportunity to perform because of Bounty.

“I was talking with a potential sponsor for 2024 when I saw Bounty arrive on stage, and I went around same time to try and stop it. I tell yuh … Spragga Benz was so hurt… mi feel it. I had a long talk with him,” he added.

However, in response to Bounty’s post, many of his fans claimed that Laing was attempting to use the Its Okay artist as a scapegoat for his own failings in managing the event properly.  

“My few senses dat bwoy Laing love to put d blame on others too much.  He is d type a person who put his money ova ppl.  Him nuh really respect d artists dem, is what d artists dem can do for him he rate! He quick to say that u over stay on d stage, but my thing is if dem did rate d artist benzzz, they would say something to u while u was on the stage,” tenstsrongten noted as he ripped into Laing.

“Pree this: bet seh if it was benzzz was on the stage, dem is a tell him to forward off mek u bounty go on.  But dem just nuh rate him that much, d promotion don’t really respect most of the artists Dem that was on d line up, is because Dem can’t get most of who Dem really want to use, because Laing n wata mouth heavy D always a try diss d artists Dem!!! But anyway ur performance was a international one Yu mek sting look superb and the ppl fuljoy ur set.  Yu don’t get the biggest forward, but Yu create the biggest moments!” he added.

Another fan, real_invisible, also rebuked Laing for using Bounty Killer as a ‘cats paw’.

“Laing Dem like to blame other for their mess.  As far as I can see, it’s the promoters reason why certain things did and also didn’t happen. And will all due respect… Its time Laing man up and admit when he make a mistake or mis handle a situation. Why is he Trying to blame Bounty for the mishaps and for Benz and Tommy Lee not performing” he questioned.  

“Bounty gave the best performance of the night. Even though he might not got the biggest fowud… the performance was Epic and Have a whole International look. From the Suit to di boot… General In the words of di New slogan.. Dat is It.. Focus on Time Bomb. Having fun and just encourage an assist who wants and deserves it,” he added.

One fan urged Bounty to disassociate himself from Sting forever.

“Call it a day killa 3decade done with sting nw,” he said, to which the Seaview Gardens native replied: “Dat a dat🥳.”

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