Bounty Killer Hails Nigy Boy As A “Visionary” For Viral Track 'Continental'

Hailing Nigy Boy as a visionary, following the ascension of the singer’s Continental song to number two on the Reggae iTunes chart, Bounty Killer on Sunday, likewise upbraided his compatriots who voiced songs promoting taboo sex acts on Rvssian’s Dutty Money riddim.  

“All those graphic gothic songs of vulgarity, none made it among those great timeless classics straight to the top.  The blind man has the deepest vision.  Mi and Russian nuh friend, but awesome job highlighting one of the hidden gem 💎@nigyboyagain,” Bounty noted on Instagram where he shared an image of the chart, which showed Continental sandwiched between Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds and Shaggy’s Angel.   

Days earlier, Bounty had declared the song “the baddest song on dutty money riddim so far”, noting that Nigy Boy had “find it to bloodclaath,” meaning that the blind singer had a hit on his hands.

Continental has not only surged to number two on iTunes, but the song, in which Nigy admonishes his lover to accept the fact he needs to have multiple lovers from across all seven continents due to their irresistibility, also stormed to number one on YouTube trending for music in Jamaica, with just under 800,000 views since it was officially released on Wednesday.   

Most of Bounty’s fans echoed his sentiments, pointing out a dearth of clean new Dancehall songs for fans’ enjoyment, while others rejoiced that Continental had seemingly eclipsed all the debauched songs recorded on the Dutty Money beat.

“It’s been a while since we get something so clear with no vulgarity no scam and the other madness that we have been getting of lately,” one man said, while another added: “Man deserve it because this is Quality and relatable music🔥”.

Some commenters also declared that the song had taken the radio airwaves by storm, and should likewise be supported, purchased, streamed, playlisted and copies bought as gifts.

“When it plays on the radio it’s on repeat about 10 times before they move on to the other songs. It’s getting heavy rotation as it should,” one woman noted, while another added: “It’s playing all over da globe a da number 1 in a England rite now”.  

The Dutty Money riddim is a remake of Rvssian’s 2009 Go Go Club beat, which the producer had said in 2014 that he took less than five minutes to create.   Since its release, delighted fans of Nigy Boy have affirmed that Continental is the lone song on the beat, which has the potential to become a global hit.

A slew of upcoming artists had already voiced on Dutty Money before Nigy, and, while some have seen successes in terms of YouTube views, they have not hit any major charts due to what many Dancehall lovers contend are lyrics that are all predicated on the same overused topics, namely taboo sex acts, drugs, depravity, and misogyny.

Teenager Najeerii’s Phat Phat was the first song to be released on Dutty Money, back in early December 2023.  That track has received more than 2.2 million views, but based on the fact that it is loaded with profanities, it is regarded as Not Fit For Airplay.

St. Ann artist Kraff has also voiced the sexually-charged song titled Nursery Rhymes on the beat, which has, so far, accrued 2.3 million views on YouTube.  Also loaded with explicit content is Brysco’s Gimmi Nikki & Broad Thickaz, which samples Vybz Kartel’s Picture you and Me, and Valiant’s Bubble Gum.

Rajah Wild’s Go Go, which celebrates taboo sex acts and borders on masochism, has received the most views so far, scoring more than 6.4 million views since its release.

The original Go Go club riddim had a slew of hit songs, among them Vybz Kartel’s title track Go-Go Club, Blak Ryno’s Bike Back and Merital’s My Money (Ha Ha), were all either fit for airplay or otherwise had a concomitant profanity-free version recorded for radio.

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