Bounty Killer Calls Out PM, Opposition Leader For Not Recognizing His Contributions To Jamaica: “All The Hypocrisy Shows”

Bounty Killer got busy on the weekend engaging with his fans on Instagram as he reflected not only on his contributions to Dancehall music, but also in the same breath, took aim at the island’s political leaders.

The Warlord had some terse words for Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Mark Golding, scoffing at them for failing to officially recognize what he says are his contributions to Jamaica’s development.

“@andrewholness @markgolding You both don’t has to recognize my contributions toward the development of this country bcuz god and the world already knows while all the hypocrisy shows????,” the Warlord posted on his Instagram page on Sunday on a video clip of him meeting with young music selector, DJ MK in the United Kingdom.

In another post, he asked his fans to give their honest opinions on his contributions to music and Jamaica in general.

“Fawud into time and subtract Rodney Price and his contributions to the culture genre and Jamaica in general then tell me what you think dancehall would’ve been like today the most honest options and please y’all be reminded that I never did none of this for Reward nor Awrads Thank You????????????????????✨,” he requested.

Among those who responded to his call were singer Aisha Davis.

“Bounty killer is synonymous with dancehall, you can’t speak about the music without mentioning his name! Without his contribution to the genre, and support, many artists would not have a career right now. Bounty Killer IS dancehall!!!” she wrote.

One fan neziahdigreat wrote what could be considered a full tribute to the Coppershot artist, noting that Bounty’s contributions were indelible, and were of such a scale and scope that without him, businesswise, Dancehall would not be at the level it is today.

“Without Rodney Price dancehall would never manage to catapult to the level it has.  Bounty not just help ghetto youths to make it out the ghetto and became star.   Before all that, is Bounty Killa who made a lot of artist can charge more for dubs.   The general hold out and stand firm without visa in certain countries.   USA, UK have not seen him 15 years and just recently manage to travel Uk base on observation,” he stated.

“Many may see killa as an enigma , but to be the one u have to be different.   To not be able to travel for so long and still remain current yard and abroad, the streets say killa; foreign say killa; the world say killa.  There is no dancehall without bounty killa what he stands for help the culture tremendously.   The biggest column in the genre for the part 3 decade if not 4 check who help our favorite champions to the forefront without further ado crown the legend inna real life dancehall a Rodney price AKA BOUNTY KILLA,” he wrote.

Bounty later shared another post hailing his former nemesis Beenie Man, whilst pointing out that his own accolades for his musical contributions to Jamaica, will come in due course and will be mammoth.

“Giving y’all ur flowers from now bcuz when it’s time for me to get a whole garden nobody can stands in the way nor object gratitude that’s the subject????✨????????????????????????????????@kingbeenieman,” he noted.

Bounty Killer at the 2022 Welcome To Jamaica Reggae Cruise (Photo: DancehallMag)

Bounty has been, for years, regarded as the grand patriarch of Dancehall, with his protégés from his Alliance collective being Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Wayne Marshall, Bling Dawg, Aidonia and Busy Signal, as well as selector Foota Hype, Elephant Man and the Scare Dem Crew, among others.

The Its Okay artist has been held in high esteem for never taking any money or fees from the artists, but instead enabling them to earn from local and overseas shows and otherwise to accumulate wealth.

Foota Hype, with whom the Warlord has had an acrimonious relationship, after their friendship ended back in 2016, has hailed him as the most generous and supportive friend he has ever had and who has the distinction of creating many of Dancehall’s and Jamaica’s new millionaires, who would have suffered in Kingston’s ghettoes, were it not for his generosity.

Foota has said that although his relationship with the Seaview Gardens native has become strained, he still has maximum respect for Bounty, who had even done free shows for himself and Mavado in their communities when, according to Foota, they were “nobodies”.

In April 2021, Vybz Kartel had hailed Bounty on Instagram, referring to him as “Father Abraham” as he highlighted the role the Living Dangerously artiste he had played in his musical ascension.

“Father Abraham (Bounty Killer) had many sons… and I am one of them and so are you” Kartel had stated.

Prior to that, in March 2020, Kartel had shared a lengthy post praising the Bounty artist for what he said was his unmatched impact on Dancehall music.

“I wonder if people really appreciate how great this man really is. Is just a pity Dancehall doesn’t have a well organised and streamlined industry that would have all the to truly celebrate the greatness of Dancehall “Gads”,” Kartel had said.

“Bounty Killa never start Dancehall but his impact on the Genre is ubiquitous and universal. If Dancehall’s creator was “newton”, Bounty Killer is “einstein” weh upgrade it and in some instances, redifine it or change it all together. Just check di amount of youth killa help realise dem potential. Both artiste producer promoter, plus the joy weh him bring to di fans and the raw truth weh him talk!” Kartel had written.

Kartel had also expressed his unending love for Bounty Killer, despite their explosive falling out more than a decade ago.

“Me love di General like a father/as a father and a mentor a teacher and a provider who offered me the “great escape” from poverty and be able to take care of my family and make my kids live a more comfortable life than i had growing up. Bless up mi General,” he had stated.   

In October 2019, Bounty was also the toast of academics at the University of Technology (UTech) when he was cited as the consummate social entrepreneur, for, among other things, his work as a dubplate specialist.

At the time, researchers had said  Bounty whose give name is Rodney Pryce, had provided “more opportunities or a more professional consideration with respect to how dubplates were treated within the music industry of Jamaica”.

They had also contended the deejay was not only an entrepreneur but a philanthropist in his community, factors which had led to an overwhelming request from students, for his work to be researched.

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