Blockbuster: ‘Kuna Kuna’ By Vic West Zooms To 19M YouTube Views

‘Kuna Kuna’, a monster hit by Vic West featuring Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Savara and Thee Exit Band, is still beating several other Gengetone jams by far!

The video currently boasts of a whooping 19M views on YouTube and still counting, meaning that it is now headed for the 20M mark soon!

The song is so big that eight months after its release, ‘Kuna Kuna’ is still making history and showcasing Vic West’s musical genius to the world.

This is because not many Kenyan songs can claim the success that ‘Kuna Kuna’ has clinched so far, yet the project is still beating more odds.

With ‘Kuna Kuna’, which is currently the biggest studio project by Black Market Records in Africa, Vic West has made a lasting impression on the Kenyan music scene and proved that Gengetone can go international.

Indeed, ‘Kuna Kuna’ to date is the only Kenyan song that has been played in several countries around the world; from Europe to America, Asia to Arabia, the entire world has felt the vibe!

Actually, one of the ‘Kuna Kuna’ fans in Winnipeg, Canada, identified as Ben Cressman, while highlighting how great this song is, said thus after streaming the video on YouTube;

“I randomly looked at the Kenyan charts in YT music and have been listening to this song on repeat ever since! Simply a great song, makes me smile big every time. Love from Winnipeg!”

If you haven’t streamed ‘Kuna Kuna’ yet, click the link to enjoy this incredible banger on YouTube now!

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