Blak Ryno's Fans Request Rock Music Following DJ Bloodline Franco’s Viral ‘Rock N Ryno’ Challenge

The dancehall dramas of January are on a refreshing intermission thanks to DJ Bloodline Franco’s ‘Rock N Ryno’ challenge. 

While some netizens jeered at singjay Blak Ryno for flat-ironing his hair on Sunday, Franco envisioned the silk-pressed entertainer in his rockstar element. A day later, he uploaded a snippet of Ryno’s Real Stinga vocals on Yung Bredda’s Heart Attack instrumental, which kickstarted the online challenge of reimagining a Ryno tune on a rock instrumental.

It was quickly picked up by media professional Jev Journalist whose sharp ear nailed Ryno’s Badmind on the instrumental for Panic at the Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies. Soon, Barbados’ DJ Puffy joined in with a sick, rhythmic, Linkin Park mashup of Ryno and Jah Vinci’s Fight Fi War. The rock band’s Numb was the instrumental of choice for DJ Enzo’s flawless mix of Ryno’s Can I.

The women were just as badass, with ZJ Sparks playing her mix on air: Ryno’s Rise Di K vocals over Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy beat. DJ Nova upped the creative ante by pairing Ryno’s Bawl Out vocals on Smash Mouth’s All Star instrumental.

The submissions continue today, with even Ryno rocking on with a guitar in an appreciation post. Of course, his now-notorious flat iron – the catalyst for this positive buzz – got some screen time too. 

“Thanks to all the dj who are showing support as well as @bloodlinefranco and @sparkiebabyofficial for showing humorous amount of support,” he wrote before telling fans to look out for new music this weekend. 

Until then, folks are eating up the alternative remixes and toying with sub-genre names like dancehall rock and heavy metal dancehall. 

“I wonder if you guys realize that this should legitimately be a new sub genre of dancehall!?” one user wrote. “This is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”

There were also suggestions for Ryno to explore the rock genre.

“If Ryno say he holding a pop up concert name #RocknRyno TOMORROW I would fly to Jamaica for it,” said DJ Puffy. 

@DEEJAYPUFFY send these to him…he needs the strength..this might be a new way or style he can experiment with and earn or revive his career,” another person wrote.

“If I was Ryno, I’d use this opportunity to make a dope song on a rock instrumental.”

“Aye this bad enuh! @blakrynomuzic think bout this enuh! Them on to sumn! And yes Jamaicans listen rock music them just fraid fi post bout it.”

“Yo ryno betta get all a dem song yah authorize n do more n try fi di rock career him probably buss weh like kite lol.”

Another added, “So Ryno accidentally create a new sub genre????🔥🔥🔥 if him nuh experiment with this now, his loss, because all a dem yah hot Bredda!!!”

Prior to the viral challenge, the Bike Back singjay was preoccupied with reconnecting with producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, and airing out disappointment that he’d not received feedback from Rvssian for his recording on the Dutty Money riddim. 

Ryno rose to prominence in 2007 with his distinct singing style, songwriting, and image, which partly inspired his moniker. Despite his undeniable talent and hit catalogue, he’s struggled to maintain visibility since a nasty fallout with the Portmore Empire and its founder Vybz Kartel more than a decade ago.

For many years, he attributed his industry fight to being blackballed, but in recent years, has mentioned personal affairs taking him away from his career. 

His last release, Corrupt, debuted three months ago.

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