Black-er Says 'Jamaica Needs To Wake Up' After Earthquake

Dancehall entertainer Black-er believes that the earthquake that Jamaicans experienced on Monday is a harbinger of things to come and the island’s 2.5 million inhabitants “need fi wake up” and return to higher moral ground.

“Mi outside ah hang up clothes on the line and the wall a shake, the ground ah shake and the line ah shake. Mi never feel nothing like this, ah God mercy make the wall no drop. Ah 4 earthquake we experience now in a one year and we never get that yet. Jamaica people wake up, stop be a Chaka Chaka,” Black-er said.

The Chaka Chaka reference is in relation to his soon-to-be-released track, ‘TikTok Chaka Chaka’ featuring Fully Bright deejay/dancer Anna Thickas which upbraids Jamaicans for not displaying more positive images and behavior on Tik tok.

“Ms Lou did tell we, how oonu look so Chaka Chaka? Clean up the ting! Over the years we have been using TikTok to promote the worst side of Jamaica. The worst of our island is on open display, the most gruesome crime scenes, little girls dancing to raunchiest, slackest of songs, and even aspect of nakedness. Where are the adults to monitor dem? Why isn’t the Broadcasting Commission and CISOCA stepping?” he asked.

The song is produced by Outfytt Records/I.W.A.A.D Music LLC.


TikTok is a short-form video hosting service that is popular among content creators such as entertainers.

“Miss Lou did all this to preserve our culture, but we are using TikTok to promote the ugly and dull side of Jamaica,” Blacker reasoned.

Pakistan’s telecom regulator blocked TikTok in 2020 for failing to filter out “immoral and indecent” content, as the social media app came under increasing scrutiny as its popularity surged across the globe.

The ban comes in view of “complaints from different segments of the society against immoral and indecent content on the video sharing application,” said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

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