Beenie Man's Son Releases Tribute Song To Late Mother

Beenie Man’s son, Moses Davis Jr, is opening up about life without his mother, Janet Harris, in a new song titled Constant Pain (Tribute to Janet). 

Harris passed away at age 59 in 2022, with the details of her demise kept private. 

On the melancholy VSR production, Moses sings about turning to liquor, marijuana and parties to ease the pain, though it’s not enough to combat the prevailing darkness of his new reality. Between battling sickle cell disease and violent thoughts, Moses said he is surviving on the vision he shared with his matriarch. 

Mi mek a promise to mommy whether she living or dead 
Tek care of myself, accumulate the wealth
A fight fi mi life like mi a win a blackbelt 
Big up Janet, a legacy yuh set 
Mi sorry seh yuh gone but mi never will forget 

As he belts at the intro of the track, Harris was his biggest supporter in his musical ambitions. 

“She always pushed me to continue,” he said in a promotional post. “She always sending out my music out there and always making sure I had everything I need to move forward. As a youth growing up, seeing my mom proud of me actually doing something, she kinda influenced my love for music. Just doing something that she can literally sit there and brag about that her son doing music and everything now.”

He clings to the memory of her reaction to seeing him on stage for the first time.  

“One cherished memory that I have of my mom would be my first time performing in Jamaica. She couldn’t stop crying and telling me how proud she was of me, and that really impacted me and persuaded me to continue doing music.”

VSR co-founder Paul McAllister (of Moses’ management team) also had glowing words for Harris. 

“This is more than just a song for us; this is about remembering and honouring the legacy of an amazing woman that shared so much laughter, love, blessings and happiness with everybody around her. Mumzel, this one is for you.”

The project is getting support from those in and outside Moses’ close circle. His father has been sharing the promotional posts on his social media, likewise his siblings. 

“I know she’s watching over you and she’s extremely proud!” sister Crystal Davis said. “Continue making her proud bro!! Love you!!”

He responded, “ I will sis.”

Beenie’s ex-wife D’Angel also showed the song some love. 

“Great look proud of you Moses.”

He replied, “@dangelmusic thank you aunty.”

Given name Moses Davis Jr, the artist has often spoken about finding his passion for music, independent of his father being the ‘King of Dancehall’.

Moses with his father Beenie Man

He worked for several years as an instrumentalist before transitioning to recording music. 

“I decided to take a break to focus on songwriting and trying to become an artist, and after switching from being a producer to an artist, I kinda got a different type of love for it,” he said in a 2021 interview with Painless Universal. “It’s just my passion, and ever since, I’ve just been going forward. But even being Beenie Man’s son, everybody used to ask me, ‘Are you an artist? Do you do anything with music?’. Yeah I do, really and truly, but I found my passion and I did it myself.”

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