Beenie Man Shuts Down Hopes For A Masicka, Alkaline Clash

Dancehall lovers looking for a clash between Masicka and Alkaline may have just had their hopes thrashed, as the Def Jam artist all but offered up a resounding rejection to the face-off, instead relying on Beenie Man to do it for him.

Drawing a series of affirming nods from Masicka, Beenie Man insisted on answering a fan question on Monday on Amazon Music’s Black Music Month Twitch stream about when Masicka would be clashing with the Vendetta Boss.

“Dat pass, dat pass,” was Beenie Man’s comical retort.

Seemingly co-signing the Girls Dem Sugar’s response, Masicka explained: “See di King jus’ tell yuh waa gwaan deh. See di King jus’ ansa deh. Sometimes yuh affi mek di King talk innuh.”

Beenie Man

The question had followed comments Beenie Man made about Dancehall’s unchanging rule, that one man could never singlehandedly keep the genre afloat. “Mek mi tell yuh something – one man nuh run music,” he noted, “Dancehall music? One man neva eva run Dancehall music!”  

Masicka’s and Beenie Man’s comments may indicate an unsatisfying climax for fans, who have closely watched the subliminal and sometimes direct shots exchanged between Masicka and Alkaline over the years.

Last year, Bounty Killer fanned the flames of the two’s ongoing beef when he intoned that in a lyrical clash, Masicka would triumph over Alkaline.

Adding to their storied history of back-and-forth and callouts, Masicka had also, at points, been on a crusade to bring back ‘some excitement to Dancehall.’ That objective led to him taking aim at Alkaline, taunting the Champion Boy into the war of words. Much to fans’ dismay, Alkaline didn’t take the bait.

Masicka, who had long been vocal about his intent to clash, had previously shared in an interview that he had been honing his skills, and commented on Dancehall’s culture to that end. The star had also shared his views on Alkaline.

“Personally Alkaline is a talented deejay but him fi just accept di fact seh him live inna Vybz Kartel shadow and him a try be Vybz Kartel, an’ him still naw come an seh him a try be Vybz Kartel.  Mi nuh rate Alkaline still.  Him music bad still, but di type a ting dem weh him sing bout as a yute from di street and as a yute weh grown in di street a nuh supm weh mi a guh get up an’ rail fah,” he said.

The two artists would be an equal match if they squared off lyrically.

Both are 29 years old—Alkaline born on December 19, 1993; Masicka born on December 4, 1993—and they are considered intellectual equals, having attended two of the premier high schools in Jamaica, where they both did exceptionally well at English Literature, which is fundamental to good song-writing.

Their 2021 albums, 438 and Top Prize, both peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart after each sold just under 3,000 units during their first week of release.

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