Beenie Man Says Not Marrying A Woman You Love Is 'Senseless'

Public speaker and Beenie Man’s ex Krystal Tomlinson has been catching strays since he announced his engagement to British businesswoman Camille McIntosh last night. 

Amid congratulatory comments, onlookers question why he didn’t make Tomlinson his second bride. In a quick Instagram Live last night, the veteran deejay shared why he chose to “put a ring” on his current brown girl in the ring.

“Life is a beautiful thing and if you love a woman and you don’t put a ring on it, that mean it never mek no sense,” the Girls Dem Sugar artist said. “Alright, good. So, I put a ring on her. She’s not a it, she’s a her.”

Public speaker Krystal Tomlinson, deejay Beenie Man and entrepreneur Camille McIntosh

Fans and critics have been going to town over his statement, questioning his affection and intentions in previous relationships. 

“So that means u never love d last baby mother?” one user asked.

“Wait a minute, I’m confused. So that mean only D Angel and Cameal him only love out of the many baby mamas? Well, they look alike to me so maybe that’s why he put a ring on it, or sorry, not it, her.”

Other netizens defended his right to choose what’s best for him, with one person commenting, “A man has all the rights to choose who to marry, not because Krystal is educated and appears to be decent, means he should have married to her…”

Love, Beenie’s criteria for proposal seemed to be in the air in 2020. Tomlinson told BUZZ that they had discussed wedding plans that would feature their daughter Xiah Davis.

Beenie Man, Krystal Tomlinson, and daughter Xiah

“The vision for our wedding is that Xiah will have the ring and walk with it to us, so, as soon as our daughter can walk in a straight line,” the former politician said. “Right now, when she walks, she goes anywhere she feels to go. Maybe another few months, maybe another year, but it really depends on Xiah.”

That other year came with the couple announcing their split and Beenie moving on to childhood flame Camille months later. Their story started in St. Andrew South decades ago, as told by the entrepreneur in an Instagram Live in 2021.

“I’ve known Moses (Beenie Man) from childhood days, from Craig Town, Jones Town, because a Jones Town me come from – from Crooks Street – and Moses from Craig Town, so I’ve known Moses from then…” she said.

Beenie Man, Camille McIntosh

Per Beenie’s proposal post and others made by Camille since 2021, they tried their hand at being an item 23 years ago, but for reasons unknown to the public, it didn’t work. Incidentally, the timeline coincides with when the Row the Boat deejay split from Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith. 

Camille would go on to marry prominent event promoter Cawka Lee, with whom she was with for 20 years before they headed to divorce court. Beenie’s love life was a bit more colourful, dating D’Angel, the ex of his former rival Bounty KIller, and going on to tie the knot in 2006 to much public spectacle.

Tomlinson was his next high-profile relationship, which started in 2016. 

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