Beenie Man Hosts Brief In-Flight ‘Concert’ In The Bahamas

It was an impromptu in-flight ‘concert’ for passengers aboard an airplane in the Bahamas recently as King Of The Dancehall Beenie Man, had them belting out some of his greatest hits amidst cheers, laughter and applauses.

Instagram user @jessleighanne_ captured the buck list moment on video and shared it to her page. She also added a bit of context regarding how the rare event came to be. 

Apparently, they were stuck on the island on a stop-over flight, as indicated by her caption: “POV: You’re stuck in the Bahamas on your stop-over and Beenie Man is on your flight.”

In the now-viral video, Beenie Man can be seen standing in the aisle of the packed flight, as eager passengers seized the opportunity to record him on their phones. The Dancehall icon is dressed in full white, and appears to wear a blue cast on his left hand, as he engages the lively audience.

He began his rather brief yet entertaining set with “Oh nah nah nah…” – the opening melody to his 1997 hit song, Romie, before allowing the passengers to sing the rest of the hook for the Vibes House-produced trackAt points throughout the brief video, even the ramblings of a baby could be heard trying its best to chime in.

Ever the showman, Beenie then transitioned to another of his classic songs, Who Am I? (Sim Simma), and again, the crowded airplane did not disappoint. Fans belted out the iconic question: “Who’s got the keys to my bimma?”, after Beenie coaxed them into action with his equally iconic chant: Sim Simma.

 After that round of singing, Beenie then, in abrupt yet dramatic fashion, made his way up the aisle as fans showered him with applauses.

Fans on social media reacting to the lighthearted moment, which was also shared to The Shade Room, flooded the comments section with adoration for the Dancehall legend, who himself also hopped into the comments to acknowledge the moment.

Beenie shared a stream of laughing emojis, while also seizing the opportunity to promote his upcoming album, Simma – set to be released on the 31st of August.

Beenie Man ‘Simma’ Album Cover

His caption read in full: “…We lit #Aug31 #SimmaTheAlbum.”

Other comments featured GIFs of the Dancehall superstar’s historic Verzuz clash against Bounty Killer, while other comments drew attention to Beenie’s appreciation for fans.

One particular comment read: “Shows his appreciation for his fans. Other celebs do not like to be bothered, as social media shows, let alone perform.”

Meanwhile, a few other comments highlighted some rather passionate fans of Beenie, as one user humorously pointed out: “Man, I would’ve been butterflying, pepper-seeding and whining from the cockpit to the tail of the plane!”

Another such comment read: “Once he said Sim Simma, there would have been no stopping from singing the whole damn song and proceeding to whine in my seat!”

Famed Dancehall producer Romeich also chimed in, declaring that Beenie Man was the “Greatest Performer!!!”

Fans of the legend can expect “a diverse offering of songs with an eclectic mix of Dancehall, Reggae, Afrobeats and Drill” from his new album, according to a recent release sent to DancehallMag.

According to Beenie, the album will showcase his versatility as an artist and his love for music. He reminds fans that Simma is a testament to the fact that he is still here doing what he loves best –music.

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