Another Dance Xpressionz Member Calls It Quits

Another prominent member of Dance Xpressionz, Shanice Caterpillar, has left the group. 

Dancer Shanice Caterpillar

Her exit bears a similar story as foundation Xpressionz member Stacy, as well as Sashi and Special Black, all of whom announced their departure from the entity in March. The entertainers were lead stars on the hit YouTube dramedy The Bartender, a Dance Xpressionz production which premiered in 2020.

In an Instagram Live on Friday, Shanice claimed that Hall and his partner Shelly Xpressionz have been speaking ill about her, though she has been mum publicly about her absence from the show. 

“Unno waan slave out bloodcl**t people and mi gone bout mi bloodcl**t business and mi cut left unno and unno still deh pon mi pu**ycl**t name,” she said. “When unno tell me seh unno waan pay mi $2,500, mi never a have it. Mi a go inna mi early 30s and deh pon mi second child, and unno waan pay $2,500?… And one person weh me teach one class a $9,000 me get inna one hour and 15 minutes?”

The alleged behind-the-scenes drama has been so stressful for Shanice, that she said she miscarried a child, following a pregnancy announcement earlier this year. She went to therapy because of the ordeal, which she said enlightened her perspective on the man she once hailed as father. 

“Unno a nuh mi bloodcl**t parents,” she said. “Unno is nothing to me and just like weh mi therapist seh, mi did a seek madda love and fada love and is a good thing mi and mi fada have a bond now.”

Though Dance Xpressionz arguably stands as the longest, most corporate-friendly dancehall dance group, Shanice believes Hall has done little to expand his personal brand over the last 20 years.

Shanice Caterpillar and Orville Hall

“Mi come inna Xpressionz and mi learn how fi edit,” she said. “Mi learn how fi do lighting to right now mi all a do schooling inna lighting, so, if mi stop dance, mi still can direct. Somebody can call mi and seh ‘come edit dah video yah’, ‘come pon dah set yah’, ‘come light dah scene yah’…

“Di mount a something underneath mi belt and yuh just stuck one place suh. Yuh just waan go pon mic and tell people seh yuh travel 36 countries. Weh yuh have fi show? You always a tell we seh there’s no rich dancer. Yuh couldn’t be an example?”

Shanice has branched out to have her own entertainment company of exotic dancers, while Stacy and Sashi have started their own series. Special Black has since migrated. 

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