Alexx A-Game On How He Prepared For Role As Peter Tosh In 'Bob Marley: One Love'

Alexx A-Game, the Jamaican artist who plays Peter Tosh in the Bob Marley: One Love movie, expressed optimism about the project’s potential to help preserve Marley, Tosh, and Bunny Wailer‘s legacy for future generations.

“I feel like people will get to see another side of these great legends, and this will only push the story, and the culture forward in a big way. We see it happening already, so this is great for Jamaica and Reggae music,” Alexx told DancehallMag at the premiere held at Carib 5 in Kingston on Tuesday.

The Paramount Pictures film will hit movie theatre screens around the world on February 14, 2024. It sees British actor Kingsley Ben-Adir as its star, while Lashana Lynch takes on the role of Rita Marley.

Tosh, a pivotal member of the Wailers before embarking on a successful solo career, played a crucial role in the band’s sound with his self-taught guitar and keyboard skills. A-Game described his portrayal of Tosh as effortless, attributing it to his natural acting ability and the comprehensive support provided by the production team.

Alexx A-Game as Peter Tosh (Photo @alexxagame/Instagram)

“Preparation for me was just hanging out with my people; doing a lot of studying, a lot of research… I’m already a natural when it comes on to acting which a lot of people didn’t really know but Paramount and the whole movie production team provided professional people for us to get more into the elements that we needed to get into,” he said.

Alexx, an avid Tosh listener, further echoed the singer’s advocacy for marijuana legalization, as famously expressed in the song Legalize It.

“It’s a demand that is being made right now that is iconic. Legalize it! Di man seh fi dweet. Legalize now,” Alexx A-Game said.

Released in 1976 on Tosh’s debut album of the same name, Legalize It served as both a personal response to police harassment and a potent political statement advocating for Ganja legalization. The song became an instant anthem for marijuana rights during a particularly challenging era for the herb.

Alexx, whose real name is Alex Gallimore, grew up in Wood’s Town, Discovery Bay in St. Ann. His musical releases include Double with Tory Lanez, Chuck It with Ding Dong, Real To Di Link and I Know.

Advocating for deeper cultural immersion, he urged the Jamaican Ministry of Education to integrate Reggae studies into the national curriculum.

“That’s what we stand on as a country; the strongest part of this country is our culture, especially Reggae music. Put it in the curriculum just like Maths and English. Just like how dem learn football in Brazil, that’s how kids should be learning Reggae in Jamaica,” he reasoned.

Hector Roots Lewis

Fellow cast member and artist Hector Roots Lewis, portraying drummer Carlton Barrett, also briefly reflected on the film’s transformative impact on his career.

“It’s inspiring, it’s Bob, and it’s something that has impacted my own story as a musician and an actor and we’re happy to tell his story as he helps to tell our story,” Lewis told DancehallMag at the premiere.

It seems researching and practising were similar themes among all the cast mates. Lewis said he was dedicated to his role. 

“We had two weeks of acting classes. I practised really hard. I spoke to the family and got all the information I could to just tie it all together,” he revealed.

Barrett was a long-time drummer for Bob Marley & The Wailers. His prolific recordings with Marley have been internationally celebrated. He is credited with popularising the One Drop rhythm. 

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