Alaine Opens Up About Being Single During The Holidays

Christmas is the season of giving, but it’s also the time of year when couples’ photoshoots proliferate on social media. A lover of love and messenger too through her music, Jamaican songbird Alaine is in the single’s club this holiday but is choosing to focus on the positives.

“Being single in this season and many other seasons is not easy,” the No Ordinary Love singer wrote on Instagram. “But somehow, Christmas and Valentine’s Day can be very stressful and make you question your worth and just feel bad about life! Wuss when Mariah Carey sings ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’, and in your mind you’re like, where’s my YOuuu???”

She continued, “But it’s so important for us to really appreciate ourselves and how far we’ve come, despite heartbreak, disappointment, and all the other twists and turns that come our way in this life.”

Her self-love message was backgrounded by an appreciation for other good things that people may take for granted, which also offer a wholesome life.

“I just want to encourage you to know that loving yourself through these feelings of loneliness is medicine for your soul,” she shared. “Remind yourself how beautiful and worthy you are of the best things. Take time to celebrate all the good things, people and experiences that you do have in your life and give thanks that you still haven’t had all the best times yet – there is more coming for you.”

On that note, she encouraged followers not to be green-eyed of those with a boo thang, and instead stay faithful in God’s promises for their lives. 

“Comparison is a thief of joy. Never look at someone else’s relationship spitefully (don’t badmind people). Change the perspective; say to yourself, ‘If God did it for them, He can do it for me’. There is enough good and happiness for all of us. So, while you wait, do all the things that you know will lift you up. Think all the thoughts that will encourage you to believe for a greater future.”

In a video message, Alaine relayed that self-work is important in attracting this greater future.

“Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you made choosing people that caused you pain,” the Boast Inna God singer said. “Release them and understand that it is part of their journey to do whatever it is that they did, and it’s not your job to want to see them come to justice or to wish that they would change. You focus on you and you heal yourself and you know that better is coming for you and that you are surrounded by a presence that loves you and is always for you and it is well.”

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